Request for Discernment


I am out of work - but the Lord is calling me out of corporate America - need intercessory prayers to hear His voice and know His will for me.

Praise God!

In Christ,

Jim Conrad


Praying for you, Jim.



Dear Heavenly Father, please help Jim to hear your call, gently guiding him along the right path that You know is best for him. We ask that Jim have trust and confidence in You in all things. In Your will be done.Amen




Praying for you Jim. May you hear and understand God’s calling to whereever He needs you to be at this anxious time.


Praying for you Jim.


Praying for you!


I pray that you find the courage to follow God’s call and allow Him to lead you to where you belong. I ask that the Holy Spirit fill you with necessary grace during this confusing time. Godspeed!:signofcross:



I pray that you will find comfort in the peace the Lord would want you to find w/o corporate life, even if it is only a temporary journey. I pray that you will find a closeness with Jesus during this time which will sustain you for the next thing He has planned for you to take on. In Him there is all life, all being.


You are in my prayers.


May The Holy Spirit be your guide and strength to know and follow God’s Will…


My prayers for God’s guidance as to your future :crossrc:




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