Request for flowers


Sometimes at the Catholic church I attend, the request for flowers from the parishioners’ flower gardens would be mentioned. Have you brought in flowers to be used on the altar? If Yes, what type?


When we lived in Northern California, we would sometimes bring in Sweet Peas. Every Spring my Dad and Grandmother would plant them in our backyard.


Yes, tons of different types of flowers:

Peonies, tulips, daffodils, roses, gladiolas,dahlias, zinnias, phlox, snowballs, bridal wreath, liatris, lilies, mums, and greenery from pine, fir, and spruce trees.


I bring in whatever I have growing in the season.


Grandmother Mary brought in lavender purple lilacs.


My mother-in-law did the flowers at our church for a while. She planted dahlias and carnations to augment her rose garden. She also had rhododendrons and beautiful hydrangeas.


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