Request for list of satanic music,musical groups,individuals, anti- Catholic. so that all will be warned, beware!


Hi All, when i was in my high schools,i wanted to try some thing new apart from pop,jazz,like rock music or hard mettle,when i went to the musical store ,the sales guy, handed me a cassette of acdc. But when i came home and played it ,it was terrible ,i couldn’t even listen it for a minute ,my brother had the same feeling,so i discussed this with my Catholic friend who warned me of the group ,he asked me weather i knew the full form of the name of acdc i didnt have a clue .its stands for anti Christ devils companion, it brought chills down my spine. so i returned it asap and too the scorpions instead, it was some what OK not sure then.

I request all to post, the list of satanic music,musical groups,individuals, anti- Catholic. so that all will be warned, beware! of such things especially children.



Your friend was misled, as the band name is a reference to AC/DC, alternating / direct current, respectively. I’m not sure where that myth originated but I know lots of moms who perpetuated it (with the best intentions, I’m sure).


I hope you’ll insist on these posts including proof, not just false rumors (like the name of AC/DC).


Is this a mislead panic post originally belonging to a discussion in a good old 70s village women´s circle? :smirk::roll_eyes:


AC/DC is a great group. (RIP Malcolm…) I suppose next we will be discussing the horrors of Slayer. Please just stop. This sort of hysteria is not what the Catholic faith is all about.

If you find some music personally disturbing then by all means do not listen to it if it leads you into sin. As someone who is pretty widely experienced musically, AC/DC is like Disney World compared to things that I find really disturbing, and no I am not going to post the names of what I find disturbing here; no need to promote it.


I went through a Norwegian metal stage in my youth. Doesn’t hold a candle to Angus or even Ozzy.


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