Request for Prayer.

My guilt has been out of control these past few days. I feel the weight of my sins against God constantly, and I feel like I’m drowning in it. I have taken extreme measures to rid myself of guilt for past mistakes…like fasting for four days straight, kneeling on stones while praying, not socializing–just lying in bed, constantly praying. I don’t see things improving, and I have to force myself to believe that God will deliver me from this state. I had prayed that He show me the full weight of my sins so I’m aware of them fully, and I believe this is his way of showing me what I’ve been doing with my life, but it’s taking everything out of me to even get out of bed. Please pray for me.

Pardon " Even if it offends you seven times a day, and seven times back telling him: “I regret,” he also must forgive it."

Praying for you.

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