Request for prayers for shortness of breath, anxiety


Please pray for me. I have just gotten off of medication to treat pneumonia. I was feeling okay but now am experiencing shortness of breath. I also have anxiety so it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether this is physical,emotional or both. I pray that God will get me through this but feel I need the prayers of others.
I am trying to be a warrior against Satan whom I know puts fearful thoughts ( or tries to) in our way.
I appreciate your prayers.
Thank you .



Ellen be strong in the knowledge that you have faith in God the suffering you are enduring is but one more way to experience God’s love. Please Lord take away her anxiety.


Thank you Sam for your reply and prayers.



I’ll include you in my prayers Ellen. :gopray:


Thank you,Stitch for your support and your prayers.


Please pray for me. I know I have asked this before but now I am feeling a little frightened. I am currently being treated for asthma,'
I have chronic,acute anxiety and this feeling of breathlessness causes my anxiety level to reach about a 10. Also, the doctor has me on several meds and inhalers. I am going to have a breathing capacity test on June 11 which seems so far away.He says this will tell him more and what he may be trying to diagnose. One of the things they look for is lung cancer,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.etc…
I am going to be 62 next month . I know the power of prayer and I also experience Satan trying to frighten me. I keep saying"get behind me Satan" and also telling God by your stripes plese heal me.
Thank you and blessings,


Breathe on me, Breath of God, come Holy Spirit, come.


I’ll offer up my rosary today for you. :gopray2:


I’ll continue praying for you Ellen. :gopray:


Praying for you. :crossrc:


Prayers, Ellen.


Praying for you, Ellen. Rest in our prayers. Hours of Eucharistic adoration are being offered for you and your need. Btw, when Satan comes calling, tell him to see your Father about whatever he has on his mind!!


Praying for you and your health. :gopray2:

I also have both asthma and anxiety and unfortunately they DO trigger each other. God will help you through. I will be thinking of you. :slight_smile:


May the Lord heal you and bring you back to full health.





Thank you for your support and prayers.


[size=]I hope you will feel better soon. I have also went thru the shortness of breath associated with anxiety. I will be praying for you.[/size] :gopray2:


Praying too. Don’t worry Satan will not win.:wink:


Thank you so much for your support and prayers.


Praying for you Ellen. May God Bless you and free you from all fear!

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