Request help from Baptist Protestants here


Hi All -

I’d like to have a link to a good (not anti-Catholic) Baptist forum similar to this one. Do any of you have any recommendations? I would really appreciate it. It would solve a huge dilemma that I have at home.

Thank you so much - Annie


This is a good website.


Just curious Annie, what are you looking for specifically?


From what I have heard that one is not the best choice if you are looking for Catholic Friendly.


Yep, a Catholic has to lie about his religion to even get on that board. Nice folks over there.

There are probably enough former Baptists on this board to answer any questions.


I’m just looking for a site similar to this one that my Baptist husband can use to ask questions of like minded people. He is currently using a site that I highly disapprove of. So, I wanted to offer him an alternative.

Thanks so much for all of your help.

And, I will be offering him this one to use as well.


Oh, sorry about that!


I’m a Baptist (for now), and I thought that was the most ridiculous site I’ve ever seen. Two or three posts concerned Catholicism, and each time someone posted something even contemplating the possibility that the Catholics might be partially correct, a moderator would pop in and remind them that they’re off topic, that the issue was the unbiblical man-made traditions of the Catholic Church . . . I wouldn’t waste my time there . . . .


Though not specifically Baptist, there is bibleforums

They get a few anti-Catholics, but they pretty much keep it in check. There Bible Forum is particularly good.


Try There’s a lot of anti-Catholic stuff in their “General Theology” section, but all the major denominations have their own sub-forum and they are not usually too crazy.

To mods: Apologies if we are not supposed to link to other forums.


that is the worst one around. I’ve been banned twice for stating Jesus quoted from the deuterocanoicals under the charge of Blasphemy. They will not even let you join if you state you are Catholic.


Hi Annie, what you are looking for is ecumenical baptist groups who have fourms. The only suggestion I have is visit ecumenical sites like world council of churches and National council of churches, and see which baptist denominations are ecumenically minded. Anti-catholic baptist fourms will tend to be anti-ecumenical. Play with the googles below, good luck. When you visit a fourm look at its rules first to determine what you are dealing with.


Here is a thread I started on last year:

I would stay away!


Hear me out, please.

I’ve given up on Protestant forums. There is so much fighting and one-upping. Everyone tries to prove that THEIR interpretation of Scripture is correct.

There is one Protestant forum that my husband and I were part of for years. When we first started getting interested in Catholicism, we posed the question on that forum, “How is a person saved?”

We got page after page of conflicting answers. At least it proved that sola Scriptura is a crock. But when we pointed that out, they said that we were wrong. We never did find out how a person gets saved. I don’t think Protestants quite understand that yet.

Anyway, many of the Protestant websites are poorly moderated at best and dictatorially moderated at worst.

If your husband is determined to join a Baptist forum, my suggestion is that he contact the headquarters of whatever particular sect of “Baptist” that he is (there are hundreds: Southern, American, Conference, Free Will, etc.) and ask the denominational headquarters if they have an online forum for their bona-fide, church-approved members. Perhaps the denomination would be interested in getting one set up. Perhaps your husband might even be able to moderate it. It would be a lot safer than just joining up with a ubiquitous “baptist” board that could actually include almost anyone.

The other suggestion I have is that he come HERE, and seek the fellowship of other Baptists. This Board is well-moderated and quite civil.

Tell him to avoid Family Life Forums. If you read their member agreement carefully, you will see that in the event of a conflict, you are required to agree to submit to a reconciliation procedure that is performed by a professional mediation company. There is an initial consult fee of over a hundred dollars. IF you intentionally or unintentionally get caught up in a conflict, and you are asked to submit to this mediation process, if you have signed the Family Life User Agreement, you will get stuck with that initial fee and any other fees that are incurred in the process of the mediation. You can’t get out of it. It seems to me that this is not worth the risk. You may not intend to become involved in any “conflicts,” but it can happen so fast, and then you’re out the money, money that your family probably could use for more important things.

BTW, I was born and raised Conference Baptist. Harold Christenson and Gary Smalley were my pastors growing up, and John Ortberg was in my youth group. :slight_smile:


A non-denominational site that I’ve used from time to time is

There are some anti-Catholics on that one, but the majority of the population there just ignore them.

EDIT: Whoops, please ignore what I put here before; I was thinking of someone else and got mixed up. :o

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