Request letter for Exclaustration


I would like to write a letter to my provincial superior requesting for exclaustration form the Congregation and to join a Diocese?


Surely this is the domain of a competent spiritual director, sister.


Exclaustration is a huge deal. The closest comparable to the solemn vows that consecrated religious take are marriage vows, and I dare say that they are equal in terms of solemnity.

This is definitely something you need to take up with a spiritual director. If you don’t have one already, I highly suggest you find one to assist you with discerning this particular method of action before coming to any decisions.


As previously discussed, take this matter to your Spiritual director and superiors. There are certain processes and procedures that must be followed according to canon law. This forum doesn’t offer such consultation.

Are you a religious priest wanting to become Diocesan?

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It is fully within your right to ask for exclaustration if you are needing time to evaluate your situation. It is a very big step but I have known a nun who was exclaustrated for a couple of years (she would return to the convent for some large events by mutual agreement with her superior) - and she eventually returned to the community but changed her status from cloistered to extern sister. All of this has to be worked out with your superior, and I would recommend speaking with your immediate superior prior to taking it to the provincial but of course that would depend on your personal circumstances and the reasons why you would prefer to go directly to your provincial. God be with you during this stressful time.


:pray::dove: I am praying for you


Talk to a canon lawyer who can give you the contact of someone who helps with consecrated life law. Most dioceses have a tribunal. If you are in the USA you can call one of the tribunals and ask for a canon lawyer to speak to about your situation and to ask for a referral.


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