okay this is for everyone, at 10:35 pm tonight (easter,pacific) me and my friends will do a prayer for the children who died of lucimea (sry if i misspelled that) and the people who have commited suicide, its very easy

step 1. conentrate and clear your thoughts
step 2. raise your right hand infront of you, this will represent the people who have lived a hard life and couldn’t take it anymore…then took there life in there own hands

step 2. raise your left hand, this is for a child who was on this earth and had to leave to early, but was loved by his family, and gave love in return
step 3. you bring your hands together and then pray that the love of the child will help one who feels as if there is no love left for them and are about to take there life

if this offends you or you disagree you don’t have to do it, if you are please reply so i can add you in my prayer

now remember im not christian…soo don’t get any ideas that im praying the christian way :slight_smile:



Any reason why only these 2 particular issues?


…two things that happend in my life so yeah those are two things that are close to my heart

if you want you can pray for other things though :thumbsup:


As a Christian, I do pray for the sick and for the conversion of sinners which includes those who harmed themselves everyday; however, the steps that I am taking in prayers are quite different than yours.

You mentioned about those thing happening to your life; it is happening to me too, and it is very helpful in reminding me of others.

It is great to think of others in less fortunate situations.


I am sorry that I did not reqad this sooner, however I will keep both issues along with others in my thoughts and prayers.
Pray on :slight_smile:


What, do you suppose, is the “Christian way”?

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