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Crucifer Cross

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The image portrayed is the potential emblem of the Holy Cross Bearers, or Crucifers. I have been putting much thought into its design, and would like the opinion of my fellow Catholics. As can be seen, the design is simple: it is a red cross for Christ’s sacrifice, with Fleur de Lis symbolizing His kingship. Including the center, the embellishments total five for His Wounds, with the center radiating outward depicting His radiant Love.



If you like it and have enjoyed the creative form, we like it ,too. Peace.


Fleur de Lis is also both a Trinitarian and a Marian symbol


That is a good point; thank you for reminding me.


I would run a google search and ensure that it is not being used already. It doesn’t look particularly innovative to me and even just using google image from yours brings up this

Which may indicate that it could have some copyright protection…yes your middle is different but not substantially so.

Googling “Fleur de Lis Cross” nets you millions of results, many not substantively different than yours.

The idea is clean and good as far as designing an image goes, but you’re going to have to add a frame, letters or other colors/unique factors if you want it to become a recognizable icon. I’m pretty sure my embroidery program has a fleur de lis cross. Way too ubiquitous if you’re looking in the right places.

I would suggest you spend some time reading “guide to good logo design” as this is too unordinary to make a good representative symbol.


That’s really lovely. :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact, I have a small ladie’s cross pendant that is similar to that, in a way.

It is gold-plated and is filigree at the ends, and it is made with tiny little cubic zircons.


St. Francis of Paula: “A new order will then be founded, that of the Cruciferi because their members will have the cross on their banners. This order will be comprised of three groups: the first group will be armed horsemen; the second group, priests, and the third, nurses.”

Sr. Mechtilde: “They will be clad in a double garment, the undergarment white and the outer one red and fastened with a girdle.” “Each of them will bear at all times a staff which will be painted white and red and which will have a crook a span long”

I’ve read about the final order that will appear during the reign of the Great Catholic Monarch. I assume you’ve read about it as well?


As you are quick to recognize, I used free clipart as an initial template since my Microsoft Paint skills are not too advanced. However, it is my hope that this be embroidered or sewn onto a habit, so simplicity is paramount.


I mean no offense…

I think you have to study a bit more and understand the field you are trying to enter. It doesn’t matter if you can easily sew something if it carries little or no meaning. Also, why are you using MS Paint? You can use Krita (and other programs) for free and it’s far more advanced.

As far as embroidery…

By hand, the points in this make it a more difficult pattern to reproduce and scale.

As far as by machine I’m a home-gamer with a “prosumer” machine. This means my machine can fairly easily replicate a nuanced design. You’re likely going to lose much of the detail in the middle when you scale down—even to the size you have displayed here.

I ran your image through professional embroidery software. I had to reduce the “noise” as your file contained some shadows and edge discrepancies. This is as sharp as I could possibly get the points. Don’t worry about the color–that’s just the threading that the program uses to help display. Notice how all your middle detail is lost as well as the points on the fleur de lis.

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I would say–embroidery is simple enough, add a second color–gold or silver, add a border or lettering. An interwoven “C” for crucifers would be particularly helpful and would create a compact design.


To most people, inlcuding myself, your design is hardly distinguishable – unless you examine it very closely – from what is here called a cross fleury or flory. So, on the one hand, it’s not really very original. But on the other, it’s been around so many centuries that nobody can have copyrighted it.


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