Requests for my YouTube Channel?

This year, I’m going to try harder to use my more creative/artistic side for God’s glory. Whether that be by specifically religious actions, or actions that are more “hidden” (for example, something uplifting/entertaining-in-a-wholesome-way but not specifically religious themed), my job doesn’t specifically give me that opportunity, and although I cantor and sing in a choir, I still would like to find even more ways to share.

I like singing, writing, and finding creative ways to make a statement. Thing is, though, I can be a little scattered in deciding just what to do with some of that energy.

That, my brothers and sisters, is why I turn to you. I’m going to try to be more active on my YouTube account (You can view what’s currently there here: ), which I’ve not been tending to much at all. If you have any requests for what you’d like to see there, post here.

One thought (as of now): If you’d like to hear specific songs that are already out there, try to choose something in the public domain and, unless there’s a karaoke/instrumental track available also in the public domain, something that can sound good a capella.

Thank you so much for any responses, and I hope to actually do something truly productive with my YouTube this year!

God bless!
-J. T. Pauley

I was very interested. Unfortunately, public domain is a hard thing to follow because a song may be in the public domain, yet versions that are recorded are not.

I’m still researching.


I also added you as a friend (hirosho2020). Your videos will be better than mine. I am horrible at anything computer-related. It’s a miracle I can even post to these forums.

Maybe you could so things like the 15 Promises of the Blessed Virgin to those who pray the Rosary, and things as such?

Subscribed. I’m a huge fan of You Tube.

Okay, I’m partial to Scottish/Irish/Celtic Music so I found this group, which is American.


However, this is one song that I know is in the public doman – Loch Lomand

If you are familiar with them they have a number of songs – including Ave Maria, which I know is in the public domain.

I actually tried to find some acapella version of the poet Robert Burns’ song “A Man’s a Man for all That” – another favorite, but could not find it done acapella. I’m sure you know he’s the Scot who wrote the poem “Auld Lang Syne.”

If not your cup of tea, that’s okay. I never get enough of sharing.

Good luck.

Thanks, guys!

I’m thinking that I’ll try “Loch Lomand” a capella. Probably this weekend, since week days tend to be pretty busy these days.

At some point, I might also include some original songs; I’ve written some hymns with a sacred “feel” in mind.

Okay, I just uploaded an A Capella singing of Loch Lomond. I butchered the accent, of that I’m certain, but hopefully it’s still worth a listen. :wink:

More to come in the future!

God Bless!

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