Requiem Mass


Tomorrow our regular Mass is a Requiem Mass. I usually go to Mass on Friday as my toddler is in Nursery and I can give God my undivided attention!

As I’m in RCIA and have not come across this before now, I wondered if it was ok, or indeed appropriate for me to attend mass as usual?

Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Did somebody die? A requiem Mass is a funeral Mass.

You can go to any Mass any time. You can just go in and unobtrusively sit down and participate in Mass. Weddings too. Even if you don’t know the people getting married or buried, you can attend a Mass in a church. When I was a kid, lots of old ladies in the parish went to every wedding and funeral Mass.

Thank you, I thought that was the case but I didn’t want to turn up and be in the wrong!

I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Are you saying there is going to be a funeral tomorrow and the priest is saying the regular daily Mass as a Funeral Mass? Maybe you can clarify some.

To answer your question though, you can attend any kind of Mass you want to!

Yes that’s exactly correct.

What he said. I cantor for funerals and weddings often and many times parishioners or just people stopping in will sit in the back and participate in the mass. There is nothing wrong with doing that, and anyone can be in the church as long as they are respectful and as the poster said, unobtrusive. Actually for my own wedding, we had a couple homeless men come in and sit in the back (our parish is in the city) and have a photo of my husband shaking hands with them as we left the church. It was actually very sweet.

even if you do not know the deceased or the family, please still go to the Mass. Receive the graces from the Sacrifice and pray for the dead and for the family to be consoled by the Spirit.

We are all brothers in Christ, whether we are imitately acquainted or not.

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Oh My!!! I’m so sorry. I thought it was a different spelling of Dave.

That frequently happens. I almost got into a “fight” on the Weight Watchers forum once because a guy named Dave was saying some stuff, and other people thought I was the same guy. My job had everyone set up with an ID for a certain program that used your first and middle initial and the first 3 letters of you last name. When I went to register it at Yahoo, someone already had daeve, so I added my birthday.

Did somebody die? A requiem Mass is a funeral Mass.

Actually, a Requiem Mass is any Mass for the Dead, be it a funeral, an anniversary, a monthly requiem for All Souls, All Souls Day–any Mass from the section of the missal entitled Mass for the Dead.

I think I knew that, but didn’t think of it. After my mother died, we went to a Mass on All Souls Day that was for everyone who died and was buried from the parish that year.

I used to sing funeral Masses when I was in grade school. I loved those old dirge-type songs. They were so dramatic. The solist sang To Paradise (if that’s the right name) in English when my uncle died about 7 or 8 years ago. That was very nice, and not dirge-y at all.

A requiem Mass is any votive Mass for the dead. It doesn’t have to be a funeral Mass.

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