required to give meeting on gay pride?

I’m the highest level manger at my work site. I work for a nationwide corporation. Periodically, as part of diversity awareness, I have to conduct a meeting, say on Black history month, Hispanic month, etc.

I am required to conduct an upcoming one to my staff on Gay pride as part of this diversity initiative. After reviewing the meeting materials, it’s a lot of propaganda, promotes/supports gay marriage and same sex couple adoption. This is extremely problematic.

It is not optional, it would be considered part of my job responsiblities. I live in a rural area with high unemployment, and very few job opportunities. My income is the primary one for our family.

Advice, suggestions?

Call in sick that day and delegate the duty to a lower-level employee? I realize that doesn’t help the employees who have to listen to the propaganda, but unless you really want to take on the company…:shrug:

Maybe there are things you could insert into the script, to lessen the impact of the material?

It may not be that the company higher-ups support such things, only that their lawyers are telling them what they should say in order not to get sued.

I would discreetly (quietly) get a lawyer involved. Get some coaching on how to tell your manager that this is contrary to your faith and personal beliefs. The manager will take action to have you punished. You can swing back with a hefty law suit. You need coaching from an attorney though to do this successfully. Get some help!

Our anscestors in the faith were martyred in similar situations. Hold fast!

You can get some help too by discussing this with a “good” priest. I put good in quotes because since Vatican II, due to dissent within the church, the priests we have follow the magisterium to varying degrees. You can actually find a priest that is sympathetic to the gay agenda if you look hard enough. You need to look for a real priest that is obedient to the magisterium. These can be found in various ways. They usually have a marian devotion and also practice Eucharistic Adoration and say the rosary on a regular basis.

You need legal and pastoral help. Get both!

Agree! That’s much better advice than mine.


There was a story once about an American officer POW of the Chinese in the Korean War. As an officer, he was a leader, so they made him spout the communist propaganda. He got around it by using a patronizing tone of voice so the men would know he was being forced. The Chinese didn’t know what was going on because he was clearly saying the words they gave him, but they were culturally unaware. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it will help here, though.

Without knowing much about the nature of your presentation, I may have a helpful thought or two. First of all, I assume the presentation takes the form of a series of powerpoint slides or handouts or something, correct? And you are expected to be the presenter as a value-added for the material, correct? (If just distributing the materials were enough, I assume no presentation would be necessary.)

So, what I would do is to go ahead and distribute the handout / flip through the powerpoint slides. Think of things you can say with regard to this topic that you do not disagree with, for example, “X Company has a policy of nondiscrimination / no bullying, and I just wanted to take a minute and reinforce that policy with you all.” That’s the key that makes this whole thing relevant to the workplace - the culture where no one is maligned for a sexual orientation that they can’t control. All the other stuff about supporting gay marriage and what not is not really relevant, so you can gloss over it and just reinforce the core points. Unless part of the gay marriage material is to inform the employees that your company recognizes benefits for same-sex couples. Again, just telling them that these benefits exist is not wrong on your part. It is the company that has structured their benefits this way.

In all likelihood, the perception of the audience will be that the material is coming from the company and not from you. The piece they WILL associate with you is what you say and how you present the material.

Apologies if most of the above is not relevant, but without more specific information I can’t offer any better advice. I was just thinking of my experience with my company, who loves to throw very technical power-point presentations at us and say “present this!” so I know from experience how one can take certain … liberties with pre-prepared material.

AthenaC has given some good advice as well!!!

This is very difficult. This is why these new Laws promoting the gay agenda
should never have ever been allowed to be passed, and why Catholics should
NEVER vote for politicians who support these things, because THIS is how these
laws are going to be used, ALWAYS, namely, to force this agenda on those
whose conscience and religious beliefs it VIOLATES.

You friend are a prime example of this.

Follow what Athena has advised as best you can, but also retain an attorney if you
can, because you may have to refuse to do this if they require you to act as if YOU personally agree with the presentation.

It is one thing to be forced to sit and listen to this garbage (this happens to us
at my company too). It is another thing entirely to be forced to be
the one who SPOUTS the garbage and promotion of Sin.

God be with you, and pray to Saint Michael and ask him to invincibly protect your job
by any and ALL Supernatural means without exception and “no holds barred.”
We need to stop TOLERATING this.

This is scary!!! What ever happened to freedom of religion and speech. Why would you be forced to do something against your religious views. It’s sad to see this country’s fundamentals being twisted.:mad:

I sympathize. However, as another poster said, it matters what the “promotion” consists of. If it is a description of company benefits, then you simply state that the company offers them If it is a corporate position that those things are good, than you can say “the company thinks xyz” without indicating that you too think these are good things.

This is like the question of your culpability in shopping at a company that donates money to a cause like “gay rights” or pro-abortion groups. Since although you are a senior person at this location, you aren’t senior enough to influence corporate policy, you would just state with the policy currently is. You then use whatever small influence you do have to try and get it changed.

With your actions during the day to day workings of the company, you can show your co-workers what you truly believe - thatall people should be treated with respect and dignity, but that some actions are incorrect (gravely disordered). Although hopefully no one is discussing their sex-life at work!

Present it in the “third person.” The company’s materials say:
The company says: And then transition to to “I” when it is indeed something you agree with, like no bullying etc.

I don’t know if this too Jesuit… I am thinking of how Jesus spoke, answered and did not lie, but left his questioners puzzled.

Contact the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor, MI.

I feel for you. You just want to give the presentation, get through it, keep your job, and not have word get back to corporate that you said something demeaning and/or inappropriate during the presentation.

Perhaps Thomas More could give you advice on how to get through it if you don’t want to fight having to give the presentation. At the very least, perhaps a complaint to your HR people would be in order, ever if you give the presentation.

There are many approaches. One poster jumped to the conclusion that the company would “punish” you. That is not necessarily true. With a prior employer, I was expected to promote United Way. But I could not do so, because the United Way in my city gave money to Planned Parenthood and other objectionable causes. I stated I could not support it and would not give presentations on it, and that was the end of it. No presentations, no problem.

I agree with the other posters that without knowing what is in the material it is hard to give advice. I would stick to facts about diversity and discrimination, that as a company all decisions are on merit, and we are to respect all people in he workplace. If the presentation includes company benefits for same sex couples, that is factual, not promotion of an agenda.

I would skip entirely any material I was uncomfortable with. I would also privately discuss with my boss-- a difficult conversation indeed considering my boss is a lesbian. She, however, knows I am a practicing Catholic and has never asked me to compromise my beliefs.

Welcome to Obamaville, ETMOM. I’d tell the company, in writing, that diversity includes conservative people who believe in the Bible’s moral teachings. Also, that you would be lying to participants in violation of your conscience if you were to conduct such a seminar. IF they cannot abide your recusal, and you suffer the dire consequences, you’ll have a multi-million dollar lawsuit against said company and its officials.
YOUR story is really what “gay rights” is all about, the domination over personal moral values, and the ultimate destruction of all that we hold dear in the West, including our churches. I hope that you stand up for Truth. God bless, Rob :nope:

aaaah United Way that caused problems in my small dept. I was supposed to indoctrinate my subordinate, declined to attend “optional” meeting- job went downhill from there.

Thankfully I have had a good job for 10 years now. BUT I am not a manager and do not reveal who I am- except my c/w do know some - after 10 years things like First Communions etc. slip out- though I recall one co-worker was SHOCKED to learn I was Christian. She’s protestant so I am only sort Christian to her :smiley:

My advice- protect yourself, do not trust company- they “protect” only protected, popular classes- not Catholics. I would NOT go to HR, call an attorney or whatever- either quit (if you plan on quitting, do go to HR, call atty and sue- but see if they fire you first-DOCUMENT) if you have to stay, suck it up. In my experience, HR works for company, not you.

  1. No attorney is going to jump on board with this unless he has gone through the proper channels first. His supervisor and HR both. The company has not done anything illegal or discriminatory yet!

  2. If this presentation is just an anti harassment thing or just explaining company benefits he probably won’t have a case anyway. In that case he is not being asked to endorse anything, he’s just fulfilling his job role of explaining policy.

Just being mature and having an honest discussion with his boss about what he can and can’t say in good conscious will do him far more good than quitting his job and banking on a years long lawsuit to support himself that probably wouldn’t end in his favor anyway. And good luck trying to find another job. No company in their right mind would hire him once they found out that he quit his last position and filed a lawsuit after simply being asked to inform his staff of company policy.

ok, a bit more info. plan a “Pride” celebration, to celebrate LGBT Pride month - which includes a cultural meal celebration. Set up and decorate a bulletin boad to support this “cultural celebration theme”. Deliver Educational documents, lead an interactive learning activity, lead fun learning activities including theme related trivia and games and activities.

Information to be included" # of same sex households in the US, which states and cities are LBGT friendly, top companies for LGBT employees, % of adopted children being raised by LBGT families. average household income of LGBT couples and home ownership facts. Timeline of major accomplishments and milestones for the LGBT movement. How to create and actively promote a LGBT friendly workplace

Nothing about covering available domestic partner benefits, which are available through the employer.

Yeah, I’d have to tell my employer no on that one.

There is a lot of good advice on here etmom.

I don’t have any additional advice for you but I will keep you in my prayers, because you are in a very sticky situation. As the adage goes, “prayer changes things.”

I would recommend posting your intentions in the prayer forum as well.

God Bless.

Can you explain how do you know that as a fact?:confused:

Have you heard of retainers?:rolleyes:

I doubt that an attorney would do it pro-bono but if you are willing to write a check then attorney will teach you how to legally protect yourself. An attorney will not teach you how to entrap a company in preparation for a lawsuit.

:confused::confused: What is a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender “cultural meal?”


Someone ask a gay person what their cultural food is! Oh, wait, that might be insensitive!


This is funny, actually. It sounds as if someone copied a public school “cultural curriculum,” complete with bulletin boards!! :smiley:

“lead an interactive learning activity, lead fun learning activities including theme related trivia and games and activities.”

Uh-oh…I see some trouble here…Interactive learning activity…Hmmmm…Fun learning activity…:eek: Things could go very wrong with these 2 things…


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