Requiring work on Sunday

I have been trying to get an electrician out for a non emergency since Wednesday. He was supposed to come on Wednesday or Thursday, but I only heard from him again yesterday (Sat) - hoping to call out. I heard back saying that he had an emergency to deal with and would get back to me. He rang again today to see if I would be available. I agreed. I think that it was probably OK, but would like clarity.

Clarity on what?

What did he charge for a Sunday visit? As far as getting a job done, I don’t think there was a religious problem…

I would be more concerned with being put on the back burner.

You got a tradesman to call on a Sunday ??? wow…well done you. I don’t think its a problem that someone is working for you on the sabbath? after all its not a sin to be in hospital on a Sunday,…is it ?

I think it’s fine, considering you asked him to come on Wednesday; not on Sunday. It was his choice to come on Sunday; you didn’t make him.

Pay him whatever you would have paid him if he had come when you asked him to come.


I would consider hospital a different situation though, and had I classed my problem as an emergency I would not have needed to post this.

I suspect that either he normally works Sundays, felt guilty for leaving me waiting, or knew that it was going to have to be evening work next week and preferred coming out today (he has done evening work for me before and I had suggested Wed evening originally and don’t think he liked the idea). I would not have suggested this myself.


Cost is up to my landlady :). Had it been an emergency I would have been on to her to put pressure on.


Generally I prefer not to do things that require people to work on Sundays. I understand that it is OK in some situations, which is why I suspected that it was probably OK to have him call out, especially when he suggested it, but wanted clarity.

You are not requiring him to work on Sunday. I gather that your question was whether you should allow work on Sunday on your property. I don’t think that it is really a moral issue.

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