Research on Bible and Christian Religion


Dear all,:slight_smile:

I am interested to know more about Christian Religion. Please provide evidences from the Holy Bible.

  1. Which is the true religion?
  2. What is the true name of God?
  3. Why we cannot see God?
  4. Does God have any partner?
  5. Does God have a wife and children?
  6. Does God eat, sleep and die?
  7. Which God control the universe?
  8. Who created us?
  9. Who was the first prophet?
  10. Who was the last prophet?
  11. Did God send all his prophets to USA or Europe or Australia?
  12. How many prophets did God send to mankind?
  13. Who made some people beggar and some people rich?
  14. Which Angel(s) spoke to Maryam and Jesus ?
  15. Is Jesus the Son of God?
  16. Is Jesus a prophet?
  17. Was Jesus a Christian?
  18. Did Jesus bring Christian religion?
  19. Did God instruct Jesus to build Church?
  20. How is the appearance of Jesus ?
  21. Did Jesus marry?
  22. Where is Jesus now?
  23. Where is the grave of Jesus ?
  24. What are the benefits of wearing Cross?
  25. Will God help me go to heaven if I wear the Cross?
  26. When God will meet us?
  27. How many Heavens are there?
  28. Anybody guarding the Heaven?
  29. How to go to Heaven?
  30. Where is Hell?
  31. How many Hells are there?
  32. How Bible was sent to earth?
  33. Is Holy Bible for Christian?
  34. Where is the true Bible?
  35. Who wrote the true Bible?
  36. When it was written?
  37. Why there are so many versions?
  38. What is the actual language of true Bible?
  39. Is the current Holy Bible word of God?
  40. Is Holy Bible for the mankind?
  41. Was Bible written after the death of Jesus?
  42. Who wrote that Jesus was crucified?
  43. Was the Bible written after the death of Jesus?

I would highly appreciate if you could answers the questions.

Thank you.


Each question could be it’s own thread…


Roman Catholicism is the true church.


Hi David and welcome! :slight_smile:

You list your religion as Catholic. Were none of these questions covered in your Confirmation (or RCIA) classes?



Not too many Catholics would ask - who was the last prophet. We know who that is.
Also, most Catholics do not know who Maryam is.

Answers to all of your questions, and many more, can be found in the Holy Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Reading these two books can be very enlightening.




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