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Hello there!

I am writing a research paper concerning the ordination of women as priests. As a Catholic who opposes the issue :frowning: , I need some “trusted”, faithful Catholic sources to assist in my thesis. With the recent death of our Holy Father, the topic is becoming an “issue” again (not that it really went away), and I thought it would make a good issue to pursue for my college’s communication class research paper.

I have pulled some articles from already (“Ordination Is Not a Right”), but I need at least six more resources; is my primary source, with tidbits from EWTN.

All my sources must be online, and I would like to include some opposition sources.

So, I’d thought I’d come to the one place I trust with Catholic faith issues (I visit this great site often for news & updates) to seek help. Some of the web sites I have come across in my searches are very questionable indeed. If you all can point me in some directon(s)…:smiley:

Thanks for any help!


Of course, you already have Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, JP-2’s encylcical on the subject.

You might look at the early chapters of *Theology of the Body. *JP engages in some profound ontological reasoning there.

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