Research Shows Beards May Have Impact On NFL Performance


Beards rule, girly faces drool. :smiley:

While they stopped short of proving causation, the numbers are undeniable.

The study focused on the 2013 numbers of Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck. All of these quarterbacks played games that season clean shaven and with beards. The numbers may surprise you.

All five of the quarterbacks had a higher rating with a beard than without. Rodgers had a 109.60 rating with a beard compared to 93.58 without. Cutler fell from 88.31 to 81.98.

Brady dropped from 89.43 to 83.86. Roethlisberger achieved a 94.25 rating with whiskers compared to just 80.63 without and Andrew Luck fell from 88.06 to 73.00.

In the new age of analytics in the sports world perhaps we will see teams beginning to make the beard mandatory.

Undeniable. God meant men to have beards and, like Samson of Old, the hair is the source of our super powers.



One problem with the study is the assumption that QB ratings mean something. The QB rating is one of the most useless and misleading stats in all of sports, in the opinion of many knowledgeable sports fans.


But I cannot believe in a God who meant for men’s hair to hang down a foot below their helmet. Tacky in the extreme. Vince Lombardi weeps.


There’s the Beard comradery seen most often for the preparation of the playoffs in pro sports. It helps to win championships!


Shall you judge God’s handiwork? I suspect that shaving is some kind of affront to the Big Bearded Man in the Sky.

This is not Lombardi’s NFL any more and hasn’t been since they made it so safeties couldn’t hit receivers 5 yards off the line of scrimmage.



And speaking as a new New England Patriots fan, since August of 2013, I have to admit that those be some mighty manly men!



On behalf of Troy Polamalu, I take offense to that statement! :smiley:


Where’s the link to the supporting news article?


I would have sworn I put it in. Lets do this again.

And here as well.


That’s because beards are intimidating. I’ve had a beard for 5 years now and nobody has since dared to cross me.


Hmm… I don’t watch football but Xabi redbeard Alonso is a top midfielder and Andrea Pirlo has only gotten better ever since the beard arrived when he moved to Juventus … definite proof of beard superiority!


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