Researcher: APA Chair Withholding Info on Abortion's Mental Health Risks

More criminal duplicity and censorship from the Relativists:

Researcher: APA Chair Withholding Info on Abortion’s Mental Health Risks
by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 15, 2008

Washington, DC ( – One of the leading researchers into the aftereffects of abortion on women says he believes the chair of the American Psychological Association task force that issued a recent report saying abortion poses no mental health risks for women violated APA’s own ethics rules.

Dr. David Reardon, the head of the Illinois-based Elliot Institute, says the report is tarnished by the fact that the lead author, Dr. Brenda Major, has violated the APA’s own data sharing rules.

He tells Major consistently refused to allow her own data on abortion and mental health effects to be reanalyzed by other researchers.

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Flat out. The Abortion Genocide advocates are criminals and must be prosecuted for their crimes.

Related story confirming the criminal duplicity and censorship:

Tales From an Insider: How The APA Denied Abortion’s Mental Health Risks
by Rachel M. MacNair, Ph.D
August 15, 2008 Note: Dr. Rachel M. MacNair, is the director of the Institute for Integrated Social Analysis, the research arm of Consistent Life. She is the author of ProLife Feminism, Yesterday and Today.

We have known for a long time that the word “choice” in the abortion debate doesn’t mean what it means in regular English, having become a euphemism for abortion rather than a matter of actually having options. Now we find that “science” means what the American Psychological Association (APA) says it means, rather than what those of us trained in a university might have been taught.

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It’s nothing new, but it stays as sickening as it always has been.

This is luke,Having an abortion does not put women’s mental health at risk, according to a new study.A comprehensive review of research, by the American Psychological Association (APA), showed no evidence that the majority of abortions cause psychiatric problems.



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