Researchers Connect Pornography and Malware

Read the research article “Is the Internet for Porn? An Insight into the Online Adult Industry”, cited by an OpenDNS blogger. OpenDNS is the internet’s leading free solution for blocking malware and pornography.

I never knew that “42.7% of all Internet users view” porn and that “the Internet porn industry yields more revenue [97 billion USD in 2006] than the top technology companies Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, and Apple combined.” (from a secondary source in the research article).

The OpenDNS people are good! Pope Pius XI, author of Vigilanti Cura (1936), would be impressed!

What surprises me is how good the porn industry is at tricking people into looking at their wares.

Rhetorical question…

Have you ever gone to a website on lawnmowers only to be bombarded with pop-up add for porn? How about doing genealogical research only to be bombarded by some good banner ad advertising porn? How about a link from Google that states one thing, but redirects you to a porn site instead?

They know people have a hard time resisting porn. So, they continuous tempt through advertisement.

Ever since I got Adblock and shut off my javascript, these problems have gotten less. Unfortunately, now these people are using flash to get around all that.

It seems to be a never ending battle. The only strategy that seems to really work is to stay within a circle of trusted websites and not stray beyond that.

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