Researchers Discover Technology That Silences Genes

This may well be a Eureka moment! :newidea: Personally, I thank the Lord for giving us mere mortals the tools to learn things like this. I realize that this technology is fraught with the potential for abuse, but imagine the good that can be done by doctors who are pro-life. Could it reduce the number of abortions related to genetic conditions? I’d sure like to think so! :smiley:

From the article (sorry for not posting it with the link):

Mount Sinai researchers have developed a new gene silencing technology that could be used to target genes that can lead to the development of certain diseases. This technology could pave the way for preventing diseases where gene dysfunction plays a role. The groundbreaking research was led by Ming-Ming Zhou, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Structural and Chemical Biology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. The findings, which will be published in the September issue of Nature Cell Biology, are available on the magazine’s web site as of today.
“By being able to silence certain genes, we may be able to suppress genes that can cause diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, inflammation and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. We now know we can focus on these genes and potentially change the ultimate course of many diseases that have a major impact on people’s lives,” says Dr. Zhou…

Amazing news. What hope this research offers to those who opt not to marry and have children because of inherited genes! And hope for such families that carry autoimmue genes that cause Lupus, Diabetes 1, Coeliac disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc! Please God this reseach will be successful and its use become widely available.

There is still probably a lot of work that needs to be done on this. It will take a while to get this technology, or technology that is trying to do what this is trying to attempt, to actually be applied. There is a lot of promise, but trying to use genes is very difficult to know what to do to avoid bad consequences.

Unfortunately, I am going to take a darker view of this discovery.

This could be used for Eugenics purposes.

Yeah, it certainly could and probably will be in most places. But I’m not sure it’s something we should reject outright. The traditionally pro-life countries will probably enact laws outlawing the use of this technology for eugenics purposes. The US and most of the rest of the world are probably already a lost cause, though, you’re right.

Ah eugenics… I expect it to make a large comeback in the next few decades.

I’m fascinated by eugenics proponents, they fail to realize had earlier proponents had their way, it’s quite possible they would not be in any position to agree.

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