Reserving a hotel room on priceline?


Has anyone reserved a hotel room on priceline? Did it all work out? Thanks! —KCT


Yes! We also rented our vehicle through them. It went very smoothly.


yes! We have used it, too and it is great!


I did too. Twice. We got a lovely old room in Eureka Springs AR and a magnificent room in Oklahoma City for $60.00. It was pretty much the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.



By the way we have used it many many many many many many times and we have never encountered any problems.

On the contrary, you find great deals on awesome hotels!


Also, it seems that the more in advanced that you make a reservation the better the deal and also on low peak days like weekdays…the prices are fabulous. For instance, we once took a mini vacation to Houston, Texas and we stayed there for 3 nights (Tuesday - Friday) and we stayed at a 5 star hotel for which we ended up paying 55.00 or 57.00…somewhere around there in the 50s a night (grand total all fees included already…I believe the offer that we made and that they took was for like 40.00/night). We made the reservation about 2 months in advance.

We also used it for our last trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was all great!!


Do you have to pay by credit card when they accept the bid?

I may be in Atlanta the end of July. I can get a room at Travel Lodge for the AAA rate of ~$45/ night. I’m wondering if priceline would be better.

Any specifics on how it works would be appreciated. —KCT


I have not used them, but Travelocity was really a great tool for past vacations. If things don’t work with priceline, give them a try.:thumbsup:


The thing that’s made me hesitate to use Priceline is not knowing what exactly I’m getting before I book it. What if you don’t like the hotel they give you? Is there any way to change it?


Priceline is great for hotel rooms and renting cars. If you use the bid your own price feature you can get awesome deals. I stayed in a prime room in chicago for $60 that normally went for $375. Lately when I stayed in CA I got a $154 a night room for $50 a night. :thumbsup: The trick is to start high with the stars and bid cheap. If you price isn’t accepted you can lower the star rating or raise the price level. At least that’s the way I do it. :cool: :smiley:


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