Residents Alerted to Obamas' Hawaiian Holiday Plans

From now on I’m calling them King Louie and Queen Marie.

“let them eat cake”

$4 million dollars of taxpayer money so the Emperor and Empress can relax after their stressful campaign. That is more money than I have MADE in my entire life, and I have never, ever been on a 3 week long vacation.

King Louis indeed. THe peasants are about to have an uprising.

No they are not. The football stadiums are full, the new college basketball season is starting, and pitchers and catchers report in 80 days. Plenty of food stamps and cell phones to go around. Everybody’s happy happy. :shrug:

$1.4 billion a year to house, entertain and protect the president. More than all the royal families of Europe combined.


The election is over.

Bread and circuses as the Romans used to say.
And I wonder how much money taxpayers “donated” to King Louie’s campaign fund. Somebody paid for him and his handlers to travel all over the country on endless campaign stops. And now we pay for him to relax while we all go for a ride off the fiscal cliff…

But $3.6 million of that $4 million figure is their estimated cost of using Air Force One to fly there. I would question that estimate.

Sam - that number seems way too high. I searched Google and the most I got was $47 million per year in Secret Service protection including foreign trips. Where is your figure from please?

Maybe Obama had the plane modified to burn hundred-dollar bills for fuel just so it would waste more money? :shrug::wink:

The per hour cost of AF1 is in line with what I have seen on the web, but here is where you have to understand what you are buying, which most people are not. You are not just buying airfare rountrip for 40-100 people (even on vacation the President travels with staff and protection). You are paying to transport the Executive Branch of the US Government. Everything the President can do in the White House, including launching nukes, he can do on AF1 and needs to do on vacation.

Once you see AF1 as a portable White House/Pentegon/Bunker/Crisis Communication Center the per hour charge does not seem all that bad.

Maybe you should run for POTUS. Then you could be on the job (24x7x365x4) x 2. We’ll see if you forgo Secret Service protection and abstain from vacations.

That price tag is chump change when compared to the bonuses and benefits of CEOs who run a single company - including those who run them right into bankruptcy court.

You and I probably just got the wrong career advice in high school…

The same president spent $3.4 for a turtle crossing so I wouldn’t doubt it.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate our president as much as any practicing
Catholic should, but whats the difference between this and all the time Bush spent in Crawford? Honestly all presidents do it. I’d like it if they didn’t, but honestly, 4 million is a drop in the bucket compared with all the rest of our debt. So why the fuss over this trip when GW took trips to texas (which I don’t mind either, its his life).

Oh well, now that I said this people will probably think i’m some leftist defender of the president.:eek:

What an apt comparison.

But instead of destroying a single corporation Obama’s destroying an entire country. :thumbsup:

I wonder though, did you have the same attitude when President Bush spent a month at HIS RANCH every summer? Seems my memory recalls the vast majority of people on the left pounded on Bush ceaselessly for the long summer ranch vacations he took–yet everything you say about the need of the WH appartus moving with the President was true for Bush too.

People who defend the current President, yet bashed Bush for his far less expensive vactions, are simply hypocrites not worthy of paying attention to–imo. :slight_smile:

Practising Catholics are not called to love everyone? :eek:


And if we can grandly reward CEOs with less responsibility/skill, why not the one with the highest level of civil responsibility?

I was asking a question, Sam, in response to the post I quoted.

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