Resign DeMolay?

I've been in DeMolay for close to 6 years. I'm not sure if anyone has heard of it. It is a secret organization which has secret meetings. Many would associate us with Free Masonry, which I just recently found out is against the Catholic church. I don't want to be against the church, so I considered resigning.

However, the ideals of the order are not politically deep as the Masons. I've been through the entire system already (new member -> the big cheese). I have found no statements against the church. We do have ceremonial meetings, but they are purely symbolic of virtues that I find morally correct. The only problem I have is the whole "swearing on the holy bible" thing, which I had just realized is wrong. But I'm sure there is a solution to this problem, as they try to accommodate the needs of all religions.

But my question is, should I resign from this group? or am I just worried over nothing(which I do alot :blush:)? I have made very nice friends and I don't want to abandon them if I don't have to. But, if I have to, I will.

I greatly appreciate any answer that anyone gives me.

God Bless you all :)

You should resign immediately.

Man, this was problematic.
The organization is named after a Catholic of the Knights Templar…so go figure. However, there are lots of ‘Catholic’ organizations that are truly against the church or truly anti-Catholic.

However, these links provides reason to quit
you can probably find more by searching
’demolay catholic’ and ‘demolay anti-catholic’

During my search it was posited that Demolay was a Masonic Youth Group. Meaning that its a youth feeder group into the Masons.
It would be hard not to join the Mason then if significant amt. of your friends did.

Agreed. The mission is not compatible with that of the Church, and isn’t the same as joining an innocuous activity-based club like a flying club or bridge club.

If one feels the need to be socially engaged in a service club there are some wonderful Church groups for that, for example the Knights of Columbus.

I agree. Resign and find a real Catholic organization without questionable elements.

Few things boil my blood more than the name of a good and loyal Catholic, Jacques de Molay, being dragged through the mud by anti-Catholic organizations such as the Freemasons that you've mentioned. They have *no *right! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Resign of course. Membership can bring about excommunication.

Wow that's deep guys. Thanks. The only thing I'm worried about now is my friends feeling abandoned. Although, if they are true friends, they should accept who I am...

Thanks I was not sure if I should go through this. But, I am now.

Time to quit!

Here is an excerpt from an article I found on-line:

Are Catholics allowed to be Freemasons? No!

Masonic organizations are irreconcilably opposed to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Every Catholic is prohibited from joining any Masonic Order, including the Order of the Eastern Star which is a Masonic association for women, the Order of **DeMolay **which is for boys, Job's Daughters, and the Rainbow Girls which is for young women.

Has membership in Masonic organizations been forbidden by Popes? Yes!

Beginning with Pope Clement XII - 1738, Benedict XIV - 1751, Pius VII - 1821, Leo XII - 1825, Pius VIII - 1829, Gregory XVI - 1832, Pius IX - 1846, 1849, 1864, 1865, 1869, and 1873, and Leo XIII - 1882, 1884, 1890, 1894, and 1902, membership in Masonic organizations has been prohibited.

There are many people who think the ban prohibiting membership in Masonic Orders has been lifted. That is not true. In 1917, Canon Law excommunicated any Catholic who became a Mason, and Canon Law remains in effect unless it is explicitly changed in more recent promulgations. The 1983 Code of Canon Law did not explicitly remove the penalty of excommunication.

The Congregation of the Clergy addressed the confusion over this matter, and it did so with the approval of Pope John Paul II when it said:

"... the Church's negative judgment in regard to Masonic associations remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church, and therefore membership with them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion."

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Wow that's deep guys. Thanks. The only thing I'm worried about now is my friends feeling abandoned. Although, if they are true friends, they should accept who I am...

Thanks I was not sure if I should go through this. But, I am now.


We are not judging you, but simply trying to give (presumably a young man) some friendly Catholic guidance. If you're 18, consider the Knight's of Columbus. If under 18, the Knight's have a group for young men called the Squires. There is also the Legion of Mary and other groups to consider if you are looking for a new organization to join. Good Luck! :thumbsup:

Do not resign DeMolay! Although it is affiliated with the masons, absolutely nothing is wrong with the organization. It is independent of the masons, and teaches virtues to young men. “We do not teach any religious creed, your religious opinions are your own. But we do ernestly enjoin upon you, the sacredness of faith, the beauty of a humble reliance on the goodness of God. Strive to be true to this. I enjoin you to delight in the companionship of devout, not only to frequent the holy places of worship, but to carry their teachings into your daily lives” -Initiatory degree, DeMolay ritual.

DeMolay- the man that organization was named after was the last grand master of the knights templar. He renounced Jesus Christ in front of the Pope and the king of france. He was burned at the stake for crimes of blasphemy, pedophilia, homosexuality, etc. HE was even accused of spitting on crucifixes. He and all his templars were either arrested or killed on Friday the 13th for there crimes in france. ( that is why friday the 13th is refered to as unlucky)

  • hope that info helps you decide to quit.

DeMolay- the man that organization was named after was the last grand master of the knights templar. “King Philip IV of France, deeply in debt to the Templars, had Molay and many other French Templars arrested in 1307 and tortured into making false confessions. When Molay later retracted his confession, Philip had him burned at the stake on an island in the Seine river in Paris, on March 1314. The sudden end of both the centuries-old order of Templars, and the dramatic execution of its last leader, turned Jacques de Molay into a legendary figure.” He and all the templars were either arrested or killed on Friday the 13th for there crimes in france. ( that is why friday the 13th is refered to as unlucky)

DeMolay was a man working for the church. He was tortured into admitting to false accusations.

Do NOT quit DeMolay! The teachings of the organization only strengthen your faith!

Isnt this a Masonic youth group?

One of the commandments is, Thou shalt not bear false witness. DeMolay was tortured along with his fellow knights into confessing a whole range of sins. The reason for this, was that the King of France and the Pope, wanted the templer “Treasure.” If anyone was guilty of a grave sin, it was King and the Pope at that time. DeMolay pronounced a curse of these two as he was dying. within just a relatively short time, both men died horribly. I do not believe that DeMolay However worked for the Church. He held to gnostic beliefs if Im not mistaken. and the Templers apparently uncovered some information below the temple mount that had even Rome shaking. Its a long story, and there is not enough room here. Fascinating read though if you get the chance to study them. :slight_smile:

theres always the Knights of Columbus. :slight_smile:

Guys thank you for all your concerns. I’m 21 already so it doesn’t matter. I’m not part of it anymore. But about the knights of Columbus is it for older or younger dudes? Because if I can join them that would be awesome!

I got invited to join after showing some interest, but I am 41, I think your old enough though. I did not have the time to put into it, so I did not look further. Opus Dei is another good organization. I do hear Opus Dei is a little more controling though. I dont know, because I have only researched them, and was quite impressed. Peace :slight_smile:


If you can.
I could not.
I recognize that at age 21 the Original Poster probably became a Senior DeMolay, and since that time is past, I post for the benefit of others.

I stumbled onto this forum while seeking information on some older situations of child abuse and child molestion that occurred in the 1970s through 2000, specifically some that were unresolved or covered up.

DeMolay is technically, and more important, LEGALLY, not a Masonic Organization. DeMolay was ostensibly created as a Social Service work by a prominent Scottish Rite Mason, with the restriction that all DeMolay Chapters must be sponsored by a Masonic group.

I was a DeMolay with a bit of accomplishments through the ranks, and a great deal of experience on the state level, worked ritual and other functions in several states, and had a little experience with Supremes. Several prominent Masons in my home jurisdiction offered me the position of EO, but that is not a position I ever desired.

In the folly of my youth, I thought DeMolay could provide a valuable role to young people. In 1987, when I became aware of a large ring of pedophiles and groomers active in DeMolay, I privately recommitted myself to the ideals of the Order, and to helping young men grow within the stated principles and purposes, and to protect young men from exploitation by predators who seek out young males for their personal gratifications.

Iwas blind.
I failed, miserably.

Three “men” violated four young men at a Conclave.
I could not stop them.

One of them told me(A), that as a master mason, he could do anything he wanted to those DeMolays.
The executive officer would not stop them, other than to make a show for liability purposes.
The next morning, after receiving assurances they would leave the DeMolays alone, I went to prepare for breakfast the DeMolays were expected to attend, “a” went into the DeMolays’ room and forced one to strip and dress before him, and also went into the bathroom to watch another young man shower, to make sure the DeMolays, who had done no wrong, were not up to something.

At this time, I went nuclear, and the three men threatened the young men, and the “men” left me and two of the DeMolays to arrange our own transportation home, quite a long distance.

The three men left, and took two of the DeMolays with them. One of the alleged “men” (b), warned the two that rode home with them that the DeMolays needed to apologize to them for resisting the will of the “men”. I found this out later, and spent the next six weeks attempting to soothe the offended parents, with assurances from the eo that he would straighten all this out.
The worst offender, “a”, was to have faced DeMolay and Masonic charges, but he stopped hanging around DeMolay, and became a Shrine Clown, were he can have even closer access to vulnerable young people. I saw a picture of him holding a young boy the other day. “a” had already been run off from Boy Scouts, but they did not press charges either.

Of the other two “c-”, a very important mason, nominated “b” for Legion of Honor, and over the protests of Me, the Parents and the Advisory Council, the eo nominated a known child abuser for LOH, which ISC summarily granted. That killed my chapter, and most of the jurisdiction. The chapter got another advisor, who in my presence ran off an misogynist, homosexual spiel, and said it was from Proverbs 13:11-18, which I knew was not only a lie, but a reversal of Proverbs 31. (I am no scholar, but I do know Proverbs fairly well. I attempted to correct him, and did say something to the new guys. At that point, I decided my presence would only serve to expose more young men to corruption, because I was a very effective advisor.

I have not been back, even though a few Supremes have contacted me and made empty promises. I discarded all my honors, awards and regalia, except my Chevalier ring, to remind me of my folly(LOH regalia meant nothing to me anymore, although these days the gold melt value would buy a nice meal.

I have come to learn, predatory behavior is not exclusive to any jurisdiction, and am aware of quite a few cases, but I will not encourage any of those young men to take action, because I know from previous experience, the masons will thoroughly destroy anyone who complains, especially in regions 3 and 6. But if any of those young men I am aware haave been victimized decide to press charges with an understanding of the consequences to them, and the benefit to unknown future young people I will defend and support them completely and to my own death.

Masonry is fine if you want to throw your soul away, and want people to think well of you without actually having to be a good or decent human being.

Yes, I am familiar with Shrine Hospitals. Shrine Hospitals do some very good work. Most masons are not Shriners, and the good work the Shrine does is grossly contaminated by the wholesale child abuse and grooming in Masonry. DeMolay and Rainbow are viewed by very many prominent Masons as PR, a bugfet, and a petting zoo. Do not feel badly if you were not abused, they are very skilled at selecting targets. I was moderately prominent mason, but because I was such an active DeMolay Advisor, was acquainted with several extremely prominent masons in Shrine, SR, and RAM, and a few in UGLE and SRAM.

I was a blind fool for several reasons, but not anymore. I want to believe the best of people, but must disassociate myself from masonry, and will evermore be cautious of those who actively cultivate the appearance of goodness and decency to mask harmful behavior.

Presenting evil as goodness is the epitome of evil.


Some masons view DeMolay and Rainbow as a BUFFET, not a bugfet

Sorry, the blood pressure obscures my vision.

I don’t think all this is true. The French king owed money to the Templars and saw the kings and princes of areas converted to Protestantism getting money and land from the Catholic monasteries, etc, that they were closing down. How simple for King Philippe to do the same to one of the richest orders the Templars?

So… the charges on which the arrests were made, the confessions and recatations therof, etc, nothing is in fact truly verified. Basically, the stories may have a basis, or they may be rrumped up charges.

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