Resignation of Adelaide Archbishop



I wonder how long before Cardinal Pell is forced to retire…these are sad times for the Catholic church worldwide…what is even sadder is the amount of damage it has caused the many good and holy priests throughout the world who have done…and continue to do… Gods work as Christ would have…it’s probably compounded not only because the cover ups are being exposed…but society as a whole is becoming increasingly secular and even slightly hostile to the Catholic church in particular and Christianity as a whole.


Cardinal Pell hasnt been to trial yet. It’s innocent until proven guilty here.

You refer to the new atheism. One of its arguments for rejecting religion is the child abuse within the Church, of all organised religions.


Thanks for the update on Cardinal Pell…we don’t get too much info here in the US…most newspapers online in Australia you have to pay for…my siblings in Australia are pretty much agnostic…or outright atheist…except one sister who is a devoted Lutheran…so I can’t get much info there neither…lol


I understand that the prosecution wants to have a secret trial. I am suspicious of their motivations. Could it be that the cardinal is innocent and the prosecutor wants to do something underhanded in order to get a conviction?


There are no secret trials. Do you mean closed court?


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