Resisting temptation // videogames & virtual sin

So, I’m in a bit of a conundrum that some may see as ridiculous, but I do see as a real issue and seek input from anyone willing to share.

So, growing up I’ve never really taken my fiath (nor life) seriously and, as of the past few months, have been taking my faith very seriously. The thing is, as part of not taking my faith seriously before, needless to say, my life was filled with things I idolized. One thing in particular was videogames and my unhealthy obsession with them. I mean videogames of all sorts, from minecraft to fallout to resident evil, and all in between. Now, in embracing faith and seeing how I’ve become compromised to idolizing videogames, as Jesus commands, ive “cut off my right hand and cast it from me”, got a job which I enjoy, and spend most leisure time studying scripture, which I also enjoy. The thing is though, recently I’ve been afflicted with a strong temptation to go back to playing mainly one particular game which im almost convinced is pure evil to one whom considers certain exposure to content in games to be sin. This game is the Binding of Issac, and because i don’t encourage anyone look it up, its basically a dungeon-crawler game full of horrific animated sights and tons of religious symbolism. What makes it sinful in my opinion isn’t just my own previous tendency to idolize games, but also how the game seems to paint Christianity in a bad light and mix and match elements of Christianity with other pagan religions and diminish the real impact that doing such things can do. Funnily enough, the game psychologically disturbed me to a point I actually began to have nightmares and it actually somewhat scared me towards going back to church. My goal is to never go back to my unhealthy tendancy to idolize games by simply staying away from them entirely because I know its not good for me,.especially not that game, but thoughts of the sights and sounds of the game keep creeping into my mind and tempting me to play it again. While it isn’t directly at my disposal (aka, it’s in my brother’s possession currently, and he isn’t to big on faith, nor do we live in the same house), it wouldn’t be hard for me to get ahold of it. Any thoughts on how to resist?

just tell your brother not to lend you the game under any circumstances.

Penance. Sins of overindulgence can be overcome by fasting from the thing you overindulge in, and it’s a good reminder that we are obliged to engage in some form of penance every Friday, except on Solemnities. The ordinary Friday penance is abstinence from meat, though we are free to substitute some other penance. This is a good thing, as it allows you to choose something that you personally consider a sacrifice, but it is important to make it something sacrificial. If after gaining self-mastery through penance you find it safe to return to licit pleasures at the appropriate times, go ahead and partake in moderation.

As to blasphemous and occult content, avoid it like the plague. Not only should we love God enough to reject such entertainment, patronizing it funds it, encouraging artists to make more of it and creating a snare for their souls. Consider such material to be as obscene as pornography.

Substitute with a different distraction.

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