Resoiurces to learn about the faith together

My wife was recently lamenting that her grade school Religion classes were basically in ethics and comparative religion. I on the other hand have a B.A. in Religious Studies and a minor in Christian Theology.

Does anyone have good ideas for resources that are easy to read or watch to share learning deeper about the faith together.

I understand the CCC is the best place to learn about everything Catholic faith-wise, but it is not exactly a place to go and begin reading.

Oh man…there are a TON of great resources available… here’s a list of links that I have found worthwhile.
Catholic Home Study Service
Biblical Walk Through the Mass | Study Program (Great as a parish program!)
A Biblical Walk Through the Mass (The book)
Fr. Robert Barron’s Word On Fire - Home (His Catholicism video series & book are incredible!)
San Juan Catholic Seminars
Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Lighthouse Catholic Media

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

What he said!!!

You can, in fact, dive into the Catechism and read it a chapter at a time. I have done it and enjoyed it.

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