What are yours? mine is too have Mary as my role model and wear skirts all year dressing modestly. I am so going to miss my spaghetti straps shirts ans cut off shorts.

I’ll try to divide my resolutions into several categories.

Learn more and practice Marian devotions.

Study and practice Ignatius Spirituality.

Begin to pray more often during the week.

Gain a better understanding of other religions in particular Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Confucianism, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Go to confession more often.

Work on my discernment to possibly become a Jesuit priest.


Exercise more (how original)

Run 2-7 miles on a regular basis

Bike 4-17 miles regularly

Work better on my swimming technique

Learn a new sport

Begin to lift weights more to gain more muscle.


Read more books about astronomy, botany, ornithology, geology, history, archaeology, philosophy, Church teachings, poetry, classical literature, politics, law, medicine, theology

Learn better study habits when it comes to exams or memory

Work more on my Spanish and try to be more fluent conversationally, possibly begin to study French.

Artistic goals

Begin to work on photography more often (in particular photographing plants and animals)

Work more on my poetry

Learn new songs on the piano in particular Antonio Vivaldi “The Red Priest”

Learn how to paint (hopefully Bob Ross could help out)

Learn something about sculpting

Church Involvement

Join the Knights of Columbus

Get more involved at my parish or parishes.


Work more on my shyness.

These are my resolutions as I continue on my quest.

To strive to be a universal man.

I’m planning on getting rid of the sins I’m most tempted to do, expanding my spirituality and getting used to Marian devotion such as the Rosary and all that (I was never a fan of it, no matter how much other people loved it :D), experinece the Traditional Latin Mass in Fátima (for God’s sake, the only place in the entire country that has it!), increase the intensity of my study in school in order to get better grades and, all in all, try to bring myself closer to holiness. :slight_smile:

Not exactly a long list, but certainly bigger than I’m used to do and more centered on God, and I think one year is more than time to achieve it all. Can’t wait to hear the resolution of others! :thumbsup:

I do not make New Years resolutions.
To me it is an arbitrary time to do this and because, most of the time, people are not truly prepared to carry them out diligently.

Resolutions need to be made when one is prepared, physically, emotionally and spiritually to follow through. If that be on January 1 - fine and good - but that date is no better or worse than any other…

Sorry to be a wet blanket on your thread…but that’s just my personal view on the matter.

I’ve seen too many resolutions broken (most rather quickly) to take the matter seriously…

That said, I am resolved to continue the journey I have already started. To be the best child of God that I can be. To grow in holiness, though I know my unworthiness. To Love God above all else and to love others as I love myself.
I figure that’s quite enough for one lifetime…


To do the best I can everyday !

The Only New Year’s Resolution I’ve EVER kept is the one I made to NEVER make another New Year’s Resolution AGAIN!!!:extrahappy:


I have never been able to keep my resolutions , but I am good at making them. Going to give it extra thought this year-reminder at the start of each month on calendar. Would that help? Certainly the most important is to devote more time to prayer and to the poor, become more conformed to living as Christ did, and any problems, ask for your support in a thread.

I made note of this quote on his last Feast Day:

“When we once begin to form good resolutions, God gives us every opportunity of carrying them out.”

May we all grow in our love and knowledge of God and for one another.

Read the entire bible (finally I know).

I’m resolving to restrict time spent on the Internet so that I can get to bed earlier.

Dang, that one didn’t last long.


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