Resolution of a lawsuit


I hesitate to post this as so many others have much more important needs.

My family and I have have been embroiled in a long term lawsuit with a huge building corporation. They have seriously damaged our property and have us tied up in a veyr expensive law suit. So far it has cost us over $500,000, we have each had to take out huge loans to pay the lawyers fees, and the trial date is finally coming up in late Nov.

We have tried to settle out of court, but so far no reasonable offer has been made. We have prayed for a conclusion as this has been draining financially, emotionally and physically. We only ask for a fair and equitable solution, whatever the Lord may think is far. We hope this trial will settle things but very likely a lenghty appeal process will probably follow.

I pray this ordeal is over soon, and I hope the offending party comes to realize what a grave injustice they have perpetrated on my family. They have literally put us through the ringer, and it seems as if nothing fazes them…


Needs are needs - no need is unimportant to God nor should it be to us :slight_smile:

You’re in my prayers :gopray2:


I agree, you have my prayers also.


May the Lord protect you and show you the right way to resolve this issue…


Thanks everyone, my request has been answered… a couple of days before the trial, the other side finally made a reasonable offer. It is not ideal but it is something we can live with.

It has been 3 looong years and finally it is about to be resolved. We have agreements in principle, now we just need to get it all written up. The trial (that was to start yesterday) was cancelled and the paperwork should all be signed Friday.

God has indeed been gracious to His servant !!!

Thanks for all your prayers !!!


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