Resolving a Marriage Problem

I need the help of informed parties on this problem:

I have a Catholic woman (fully initiated) and a Catholic man (has not received confirmation) who were married outside of the Church and have been living together for roughly ten years. The woman wants to return to full communion with the Church and begin using the sacraments again, but her “husband” is not currently interested in completing his sacraments (confirmation) and returning to the Church. What options do they have to facilitate the woman’s desire to return to the sacraments? Can they have their marriage blessed (convalidated) even though the husband is not practicing and has no intention (yet - God willing) to return to the Church?


im no theological expert but if people from comletely different faiths to christians can get married I cant see the problem with getting your marriage blessed. I believe the church would be more intrested in how any children would be brought up.

Aslo im not quite sure of the church position on marriage outside the church but I do know its the couple that marry each other not the priest. The priest blesses the union. So im not sure why you shouldnt go back to recieving the Sacrements. Confession might be a good place to start so you can get some spiritual guidance on the matter.

If you are being called back to the church ; listen to the call and pray that through your example in time maybe your husband will follow. Im sure some one more learned than me will respond soon. I hope this little post has helped you a little.

Love and Respect

The problem is that they, as Catholics, are required to follow what the Church teaches in this matter. That would be that a marriage must take place within a Church with either a Deacon, a Priest, or a Bishop, there to witness and bless the union.

For Catholics to marry outside of the Church they must have the approval of their bishop and a deacon, priest, or bishop must still be present.

They need to is have this marriage convalidated. The wife should talk to her priest about this.

They need to have their marriage validated. As long as this is the only marriage they’ve attempted then that shouldn’t be a problem. How faithful someone is to the Church is not at issue in a sacramental marriage. As long as he is willing to enter into a marriage that is permanet, faithful, open to possibility of children and lasting until death then the marriage can take place.

If, however, the husband refuses the marriage could still be validated through what’s called a radical sanation, but that would be a last resort.

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