Resources for Advanced Study of the Liturgy


Please recommend resources for study of the Ordinary Form of the liturgy. EF is not of interest at this time.

For now the focus is on the mechanics of the Mass - optional parts, how to carry out ceremonial actions, liturgical duties of bishops, priests and deacons, acolytes and servers, lectors and extraordinary ministers etc. This is especially true for solemnities like Christmas at Midnight, Easter Vigil, Mass with a Bishop, etc. History and theology are important but will have to come later.

The students have significant experience with the Mass as sacristans, readers and altar servers, some for 20+ years and consider themselves very knowledgeable. They are the go-to servers in their respective parishes. They do not need Mass for Dummies but need to learn the intricate details and all the options. They need to go much deeper in detail and expertise.

We have already purchased Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite and printed the current GIRM for study.

Is there anything else?



If you are looking for a “nuts and bolts” type book, Catholic Answers’ own Jimmy Akin wrote Mass Confusion which is a great resource. An updated version titled Mass Revision was released after the new translation.

If you are looking for a theological reflection, I highly recommend Benedict XVI’s The Spirit of the Liturgy and his Collected Theological Works XI: Theology of the Liturgy. Both are indispensable.


As far as the type of thing you are looking for, assuming it is in English, I am not aware of anything that is as thorough as what you already have. You might also try:

The Ceremonial of Bishops


Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year: According to the Modern Roman Rite: A Manual for Clergy and All Involved in Liturgical Ministries


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