Resources for learning the Tridentine Mass

I have a great interest in the Tridentine Latin mass. Eventually, I would like to attend one. What are some good books/ websites/ videos etc. for learning about the Latin mass and how it works?

My favorite book right now is Treasure and Tradition: the Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass. It’s great for those new to the Extraordinary Form as well as those who are familiar with it. Lots of illustrations and history.

You can even use it as a missal–but it is larger than a hand missal.

You can find a lot of resources online.

This PDF compares the EF and the OF:

You can find the Order of the Mass online:

The FFSP has a lot of videos on YouTube.

Get one of the red booklet missals put out by Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei:

Hope that helps!

This site has video and audio resources for priests and servers as well as other texts.

The Fulton J Sheen Sunday Missal.


What we are getting our godson,

All good suggestions but here is my favorite:

We go to an EF Mass every Sunday. :thumbsup:

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