Resources for the Orthodox Jewish Siddur

Hello all, I’m currently doing research which compares the Jewish Siddur (both in ancient and modern times; not sure what changes have happened between then) to the Catholic Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours. I’m looking for some resources on the matter.

I’m unfortunately illiterate in Hebrew, so I firstly need to be able to read the Siddur in English. I found this online, can anybody here tell me if this is an accurate English translation?

Secondly, I was looking for some scholarly articles or books that talk about the development of the Siddur and the way it may have looked around the 1st century, does anybody know any good ones?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just from glancing over it there’re entire prayers missing. We use the “Sidur Sefat Emet” here in our orthodox shul. The best thing for you might be to get you the Artscroll sidur, which is a kinda universal sidur, and it’s in English with Hebrew text also. Our sidur as we know it today was compiled by the Sanhedrin, and started by Ezra back then. Over time it developed over the centuries some more.

Is there a legal way to get a .pdf of the Artscroll version, or is that strictly copyrighted and I have to buy it?

I don’t know about that but I suppose it’s strictly copyright. You might be able to borrow one though from the local Rabbi :slight_smile:
I forgot to say I’m taking sidur shiurim currently and I can ask the Rabbi for a good book if you can wait till Wednesday next week as we don’t have class this week due to Channuka.

The old Authorized Siddur for the UK and British Empire is online here and a download can also be found here.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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