Resources for Year of Consecrated Life


Came across an interesting video from Ireland that covers the lives of five religious in under four minutes:

Does anyone have other resources that can be used to promote the year in the parish?


The Imagine Sisters movement put out a good video- The Light of Love was the title I believe. You can watch it online. They also have some good youtube videos.


Thanks for that! Does anyone know when the year officially closes? I’ve heard both November 2015 and February 2016!


There is a beautiful and faithful religious community in Canada that has made a few vocations videos that are pretty awesome in my opinion.

They are the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate in Cambridge, Ontario. Cambridge is about 150 kilometers (that’s about 90 miles) northwest of Buffalo, NY.

They have some short FAQ videos on religious life and discernment in general.

Video about getting from looking at orders online to actually visiting a convent:

Video about vocation retreats:

They also offer vocation retreats for single women aged 16-35 who are interested in religious life but not discerning with their community specifically. People who just want to know more about religious life.

They have more videos on YouTube.


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