Resources on mortal sin?

Hello! I have been Catholic since April, and understand the 3 conditions for mortal sin, but I’m struggling with what makes something a grave matter. I also have OCD and tend to be very scrupulous. I was just wondering if there were any resources out there or if the Church has a list containing mortal or grave sins?

Short answer - no, there is no list.

Long answer:

The Church generally defines grave matter as being found in the ten commandments. The catechism does a great job at outlining each of these commandments and what are sins against them; sometimes noting specifically when something is definitely considered grave. This is a great starting point.

Other resources you could look at are certain books/booklets used for examinations of conscience, which try to list out mortal sins. These are helpful, but not fully authoritative (written by priest/theologians, they are not actual Church documents).

But even after reading these sources, there are many questions remaining. Often “grave” is a relative disctinction, and so there are no firm rules that govern all circumstances. eg theft can be grave or venial, but there is no set dollar figure at which it crosses from one to another.

As underacloud said there is no list.

You could have a look at this:

If you think you tend towards scrupulosity, you might benefit from talking to your priest about scrupulosity and how to handle it.

Mortal sin and grave sin refer to the same thing.

As to scrupulosity - it is very very important that you get a “regular confessor” who can know you and your difficulties and who can then direct you -such is the age old practice in the Church.


Thanks everyone! I also found this…

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