Respect and diversity workshop left me with PTSD, claims public servant


Sydney Morning Herald:

Respect and diversity workshop left me with PTSD, claims public servant

A former public servant says she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after attending a workplace respect and diversity workshop four years ago.
But Karen Hutchinson, who has been off work and receiving workers’ compensation since 2011, has lost a bid in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to have her payments backdated for a year.

Ms Hutchinson said she suffered a mental breakdown after being subjected to a “death threat” in the workshop on workplace bullying on March 5, 2010.
The former claims manager for federal workplace insurer Comcare said that during a role-playing exercise stimulating threats in the workplace, her boss turned to her and whispered: “I’m going to f—ing” kill you."

Ms Hutchinson who said she had a history of being bullied during her work at Comcare, told the Tribunal that her “psychological integrity came to a crashing halt” that day but she did not seek medical treatment until January 2011, after taking a long holiday that included a cruise around Europe.

Her employer Comcare agreed to pay compensation for a “major depressive illness” from January 31, 2011, the date Ms Hutchinson first sought treatment.
But the former public servant, who has since retired to Western Australia, fought that decision, claiming she should be compensated for PTSD from the day of the ill-fated bullying workshop nearly a year earlier.

I can only imagine what a lawyer here in the US could do with a case like that.


I think its a point which can be argued for many individual cases out here, also women seem to have a higher statistical rate than men. The medical and legal come into question as to what constitutes PTSD.

The women are being traumatized out here, I think its irrefutable, and the point has been made in several areas, domestic violence, road rage, and further with exploitation, sexism.


I have been through a few of these and they certainly can be torturous experiences, but I never got PTSD.


I thought this would be about someone who endured homosexualist propaganda and was scarred for life.

“Workplace diversity” and “inclusiveness” is liberal newspeak for “making gay okay” and otherwise endorsing bad behavior.


I can relate. There was bullying in my workplace. And they sent us to a weird in-service which was run by wiccans with candles and making us all dance to a drum and share our fears with the group. Ten years ago and it still makes me shudder. This was in a hospital!


Well, that’s just you. Do you have a history of bullying at the workplace? Probably not. Developing PTSD is a complex process and a lot of personal history and predispositions go into play.

I have PTSD from childhood bullying, and I must respectfully say that I resent the tone your comment has: only weak people get PTSD. :frowning:


I was shocked to see that this took place in Australia. I thought this kind of “diversity fascism” was a U.S. phenomenon.


The whole world must be going crazy!


Workplaces that make their employees attend workshops that mess with their minds are asking for trouble. I can understand some issues need to be discussed and all, but I think it’s better to use a textbook approach than the psychodrama or excessive role-playing stuff. People can get carried away or it can trigger something. And it’s really rather intrusive - having to let your personal issues be exposed in front of your co-workers.

Wiccan stuff - but they wouldn’t ever have a Bible and Catechism workshop, would they? Oh, no, that’d be forcing your religion on people!

The politically-correct groupthink type workshop is a form of bullying in itself. :rolleyes:


I apologize if my post has that tone, it was not my point. My point is listening to some liberal drone on about diversity is about as boring as you can get. That is all.


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