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Can someone fall into mortal sin and not intentionally do something to do it? I have been staying with my Mother and Step-Father and I get aggrevated as they do. Some times I do tell them off a little. I haven’t thought much about it. But I haven’t felt right can I have sinned?


Bring it up in confession.


Are there any rules or even rules of thumb to prevent this? The precepts require confession once a year. I want to get through a month or two. What about excessive 4 letter words? I don’t mean “God’s name in vain” whatever that would be. But well it doesn’t sounds right. But a mortal sin I haven’t been told. I’ve asked but never been answered.


That’s why you need to talk about it in confession.
When we chew someone out or swear at them, we aim to harm.
You confessor can explain the level of sinfulness when you talk about it.
Once a year IMHO, is not enough for confession.At least not for me. I myself know that I feel way better after confession. A couple of months sounds reasonable, but honestly, it depends on how often one sins, or is troubled by “possible sinful behavior”. You’re not bothering them. They want people to come in.
try not to fret over it and DO speak to the priest about it. He will have words of wisdom as well as absolution for you. God bless.


He has [responded] before. I have mentioned the “4 letter words” the cuss words. If they are sin. He has never responded. That’s one reason why I do not mess with the going up and kneeling at the screen stuff. I go in and sit down with them. If I’m confessing I don’t care if they know who I am. I need to get things off my chest.


Mortal sin is astronomically hard to commit. Once you commit you, know that you did. Cheer-up.




So…what do you base this on?


Can a parent argue with you and keep going to the point you get tiered of it, then you say something and end up sinning? Kind of like “provoking your children to wrath” ? My mother is very aggrievating and knows it. She will keep going too.


you’re an adult.
Get a hold of your emotions.
You don’t have to lash out at anyone.


Yeah but I think I might myself have anger issues. I also have anxiety and panic attacks so there’s mental instability right there. Irritability and anger can sometimes be hard to control without a conscious strong effort. Maybe a bad habit.


Short prayer, maybe the Jesus prayer, or Jesus, I place my trust in y, and a deep breath. If you have those issues, I’m sure your parents are aware of it.


My step father, with a violent temper; yeah he understand quite a bit. I have been staying for a while with my mother now. We all get angry. I am planning on getting out soon. But the thing is, is what I am describing sin? I feel it is. Or just tempers flaring from everyone having to do this and that and go here and there. :shrug:


All you need to do is go to confession and talk it over with your priest.
Yes, it’s disrespectful. Yeah, that’s sinful. But the level of culpability if you have mental concerns, and your father does as well can mitigate all of it. It’s still sinful, but you need to speak to your confessor about it.
I don’t know why people are so reluctant to go to confession. they are there to help you, absolve you if your are truly contrite, and it gives you the grace to be strong in the next similar situation. It’s a win win situation. Just go. You’ll feel so much better.
Go. Speak from your heart. The priest is well equipped to assist you.
God bless.


I didn’t know if made you stronger. Hum. I was just wondering if it’s mortal sin. Well, I didn’t go for too long. Maybe a week. I just went to confession. Ok


When we confess, out loud, to a person standing in the person of Christ Himself…it makes us reluctant and wary to commit the same sin again. it makes us accountable. The grace we receive by the Sacrament makes us strong, yes. It’s a tool to repentance. turning away from possible future sins.
We don’t go just to recite a laundry list. We go to express sorrow and we even say in the act of contrition
“I firmly resolve
With the help of Thy grace
and to AVOID the near occasions of sin.”

Cleanse your soul, and resolve yourself to changing those bad habits.
If you fall…try again. God is always there with His arms outstretched, ready to receive a child who returns to Him.
God bless you.


I appreciate your thoughts. I know it’s hard to deal with our cumbersome parents, at times. But do believe that Christ’s glory consists of precisely understanding the Mosaic evidence of the old “times”.


One of my favorite prayers is the opening prayer to Vatican II.


I hope you have a restful and peace filled holiday.


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