Respect question RE: Eucharist

If I bring up a live feed of the Eucharist such as the one at, would it be disrespectful to study a textbook? I don’t want to do it if it’s disrespectful, but the only way I can motivate myself to study is if I think of it as being for Jesus’ sake, and having Him there would help I think.

What do you think?’s mission is that of increasing awareness and devotion to our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. We also seek to bring the live image of His living Presence to the homebound, the workplace, and to remote areas around the world.”

Based on their stated intent I’d say they expect viewers to be otherwise engaged while the image is displayed. I’m not so sure I’d consider this the same as being in the Lord’s presence as you would at an Exposition and Adoration.

I wouldn’t consider it being in the Lord’s physical presence either.

Also, even when in the Lord’s physical presence it is not disrespectful to study the Bible, Catechism and similar materials. I do this part of the time when I am an Adoration Guardian and find I learn much more deeply than in any other “setting”. I feel that Jesus is helping me to understand.

I have a blessed crucifix in each room of the house where I am likely to spend any amount of time.

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