Respectful Donation


Can anyone please guide me on what would be a respectful monetary donation to give to a Priest who is to take a Funeral Mass for a relative in the UK? I wish there was a set fee for this - it is worrying me :o


I’m not sure I understand by your comment “is to take a Funeral Mass for a relative in the UK”.

Do you mean he is going to the UK or is already in the UK? Or is he doing a Funeral Mass in the USA, in memorium?

Whatever the case, I think that somewhere between $50 to $100 depending on what he is being asked to do. Also, are any others sharing the cost? Many priests celebrate funeral Masses for less. All depends on the families financial circumstances.


Thank you for your response. Sorry to confuse. The priest is already in the area of the UK where the Funeral is to take place. He will be the celebrant taking the mass, that is all he is being asked to do by the family. I have been told that there is no set fee for this, but to make a donation for his services. It is this I was asking for guidance on.


Phone the church where the mass will be held and ask. I am sure this a question everyone asks and they have some guidance for what the priest expects. If it is too much, I’m sure he will make allowances for you. You are right. Churches should have lists of what is expected for different services like baptisms, marriages and funerals, so people would know what to give.


I agree a list would be most helpful as a guide.


Try calling the funeral director and asking what is the typical offering made to the clergy.


I would second that, having just recently had the same issue; the funeral director was a wealth of information and extremely helpful. Further, they handled it, and we didn’t have to deal with one more issue during the time of the funeral.


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