Response to family members second marriage


The appropriate response is to wish the bridal couple a happy and loving life together. In other words, “Congratulations.”


Bwa-ha-ha! I don’t know the correct theological answer to that one, but I’m going to assume that the correct Catholic answer would also be a firm “NO” to attending polygamous marriages! You never know for sure what they will come up with in the secular world though these days. I read on a yahoo post that some guy and girl in San Francisco wanted to marry their dogs. I’m never sure how true those posts are but it might be true–especially in S.F.:My first thought was to wonder if their bridal registry was at "Pets R Us"thumbsup:


I think even in polygamous societies the man doesn’t tend to marry multiple women at the same ceremony (does he?) If not, then the man’s second, third, etc marriages would present the same dilemma as a Catholic who’s re-marrying without an annulment - they’ve already got one spouse, so subsequent ones would not be considered valid.


It appears it is not against the teachings of the Church for you to attend the wedding, however it also appears that it is against your conscience.

It is common at wedding ceremonies for the congregation to be asked to bless the couple, and certainly you could not in good conscience do that.

Whether or not you feel you should/must tell the couple why you are not attending is up to you.

In my family there were times that people chose to not attend baptisms or marriages because they felt uncomfortable about the circumstances or validity.

No one’s world came crashing to an end because a friend or family member was not present. You must follow the dictates of your conscience, while recognizing that beyond sharing with them the teachings of the Church, that is all that is required of you.


But the question was not about validity, but rather about propriety of attending the wedding.


Then there was the man who married his horse. They have a stable relationship.


The propriety of attending a potentially invalid marriage, yes.


Good one! LOL!


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