Response to fringe nonsense about the Pope making an illuminati sign in congress
It shocks me that people are so ignorant. I saw this shared on facebook. How would you respond?

With a GPS and a map. They are sort of completely lost…:shrug:

One can see the signs of the evil one if one keeps looking for them. Or one can seek out the signs from God. How we view the world and what we seek is often driven by what’s within us as Jesus pointed out. I choose to let the Spirit fill me and seek God in all people and places. :thumbsup:

I know it is very unbecoming but sometimes all one can do is gently stoke their ridiculous fears. Sometimes when you’ve gone a full loopy circle it becomes apparent to them that they’re being (as the OP says), a nonsensical fringe. Generally in my experience if someone believes something quite as outstandingly stupid as this, hope for at least their intellectual salvation is lost. Sort of like Rush Limbaugh opining that finding water on Mars is part of a conspiracy about global warming. I mean…seriously

Edit - the ‘real’ Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, had as one goal the reduction of church influence over the state. (One reason why the Church banned the faithful from joining in, much like Freemasonry). I hardly imagine the earthly head of said church taking part in an organisation which, if it still existed (it doesn’t), would want to limit his own influence to do good…

INHO, it is a waste of time to try to respond to this nonsense. People who believe this stuff are too far gone to respond to any logical arguments. Anything you say to disprove their theories only confirms they are right.

If these are just FB friends I would not respond and probably “unfriend”. If these are friends or coworkers in the real world, I would limit my contact with them to the most superficial conversations. If they are family, I would also do the same and set strong boundaries, especially in my home and tell them if they spew this nonsense they have to leave.

I would pray for them.

Pretty much this. You can’t reason with these types of people, logic and rationality have no place in their minds. It is a sad truth, but one we have ample evidence for. Pray for them, but don’t waste your time unless you’re feeling called to engage them.

The devil will always stick his ugly head up to try to defray the GOOD, the Pope does. Why are we surprised he is doing it now. I wonder how those who think they are so self richous can spew such lies. Don’t they believe in the 8th Commandment??? St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle…!!! God Bless. Memaw

My response would be to get a fresh cup of coffee, order lunch, maybe take a nap or go ride my bike.


I have a FB friend or two (old high school people, so not people I ever talk with IRL) who follow that website and post Catholic conspiracy nonsense regularly. After 2 years of selectively replying to the worst of the posts, attempting to correct erroneous and ridiculous accusations that I can’t believe anyone over 12 actually believes, i finally just gave up.

Talking to people who share that website’s content is like trying to talk to people who believe the Roswell and Loch Ness stuff. It does you NO good. Especially in a FB format.

If it’s someone you can talk to face to face, do it that way.

Ooh, just saw a Facebook meme that answers your question perfectly…

Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.


Not much different from the conspiracy theorists here on CAF who are continually working themselves into a frenzy falsely accusing His Holiness of wanting to change church doctrine etc…

Prayer is always good! Setting an example for them is also powerful. Be the Catholic that we should be. If they want to throw stones, it’s on them. God Bless you. :thumbsup:

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