Response to Luthers Thesis


I had someone email me and ask:

How did the Catholic Church answer Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis or
complaints against the Catholic Church that caused the protestant

I am trying to find a simple explaination, I know the counter-reformation occurred, but what are the basics?:confused:



The documents of the Council of Trent counter it, and there was also a Counter-Reformation.

Here is more information

I don’t trust Wikipedia but I think it partly correct in historical resources. The author on that cite may state opinions…


Where do i get my hands on the documents of the council of Trent?


Right here.

Note: I did not check this site for accuracy; I merely did a Google search for the exact phrase, “documents of the Council of Trent”.




Wikipedia is basically people submitting info, so its not necessarily accurate- but it gave some basic stuff- haven’t heard back from her- not sure if she is someone wanting to start a debate or a catholic wanting answers- there is so much revisionist history the average person has no clue to the real events- thanks for the replies


The Council of Trent.


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