Responses To James McCarthy


I would like to know if there have been any responses to James McCarthy’s anti-Catholic literature published recently, please.

Thank You.

I think it would help you out if you clarified what he says about catholicism:)

I’m not familiar with him, but I’ve seen very little new or original catholic bashing material by anybody. It’s all the same repackaged hook thats been flying for over a century.

Read Karl Keating’s ‘Catholicism & Fundamentalism.’

anti Catholic literature, especially NEW antiCatholic literature,
is simply a re-hashing of the OLD anti-Catholic literature.
It’s the same ridiculous claims, just rephrased and repackaged
to sell books so the writer can make big bucks from
the gullible and those with a curiousity for the lurid.

Don’t waste your money on it.
I agree with the poster above who said to read
It answers basically all the antiCatholic arguments,
and once they’ve been answered, you don’t need to answer
every new antiCatholic writer who comes along.

God bless,

There is actually a book by a very astute apologist Gary Michuta called “The Gospel According to James McCarthy”.

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