Responsibility for Others’ Mistakes

hello again everybody! this is just a quick question, but I want to make sure I have my theology correct.

We obviously should do everything we can to help people and to show them the path to God, but there is a point where you can’t do more than you’ve already done, right? Like, the person you’re trying to help has to be open to accepting that help, and there’s nothing wrong with stopping your efforts after you’ve seen time and time again that the person isn’t willing to change. I mean, in Scripture it says that people aren’t open to receiving your message, you should “shake the dust off your feet” right?

just making sure I have it correct! Thank you!!

just bumping this because it got a bit drowned out! Thanks!

In principle, yes, but in practice we must invoke the Holy Spirit to guide us case by case, moment by moment.

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Thank you!!

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