Restitution for Piracy

Hi, I am 15 and recently I have confessed to pirating lots of software and music and movies etc… Do I need to buy all of this expensive software after deleting it to make restitution?

The one thing I can tell you is that “pornography doesn’t deserve restitution” as a priest once told me.

Otherwise, I would refer you to a priest to determine a proper course of action. I don’t know that you need to buy a bunch of stuff.

Please don’t despair over this, as your heart is in the right place, and I’m quite sure there is a reasonable solution.

Just deleting it. It is enough, you do need to buy it unless you effectively need it.
The damage that you may have caused which affects the gravity of your actions is dependent on what did you do with the pirated software, music, etc.

If you gained monetary advantage, that is way worse than using it for your own personal use. Both are bad but the former has greater consequence because you robbed the original owner of his just reward for the work they put in to produce it.
Hope this helps,

Only if you were instructed to do so by your confessor.


I didn’t really ask about if I need to make restitution for the software I used for my personal use.

I would just ask him what to do about it. Let him know you are 15 and are wondering about restitution.

It’s my understanding that you may offer up prayers and certainly giving to charity as a form of restitution, but I would ask your Confessor.

Thank you everybody. I have got advice from a very kind priest and everything is better now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL :smiley:

That’s is good to hear; God bless you as well!~


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