In the past I downloaded a computer program for editing pictures and drawing, which is a hobby of mine. I have since deleted the program as I realized it was wrong to illegally own it. Is there need for me to make restitution for this by purchasing the program even tho I’ve deleted it and no longer use it?



I’m not much of a computer geek and I don’t know a lot about the legality of not paying for downloaded programs…but I think you would feel better if perhaps you sent them a few $$$…for the time you used their program.

If the company is still in business, perhaps you could buy another of their products that you actually would like to use. This is not restitution in a punitive sense, but more like reconciliation, since it establishes a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship between customer and provider. Commerce is not just about making money. It’s also about providing goods and services. It’s an expression of our nature as social beings. It’s about relationships. Focus on the relationship, not the money.

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