"Restless Heart" The “Confessions of St. Augustine” - The Movie

This movie is going to be released I believe this fall. It may be a good one.

It is titled “Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine”.

The website for it is:


It was made by Ignatius Press and is being promoted by The Maximus Group.

email is RestlessHeart@MaximusMG.com

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

It’s opening here in Cincinnati, Oh. next weekend.

I saw the banner for that on a number of sites, it looked interesting. I’ll definitely try to see it.

From what I can tell, the distribution of the film requires that a local organization convince a theater owner to show the film. Often this involves renting the theater for the showing

Unlike many faith-based films that open in limited release around the country and often don’t make it to cities and towns with significant interest, RESTLESS HEART is available for showing anywhere. Interested groups and individuals work with local theaters and other venues to rent a screen, and Ignatius provides a copy of the film with a complete promotional kit for an affordable fee.


A search of IMDB.com shows that the director and principal actors starred in a similar two part television mini-series. It has had various names in Europe but the international title of the series was Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire The series was filmed in English but aired on Italian and German television in 2010, and perhaps elsewhere.

I wonder if the movie is an edited down version of the television mini-series? The original run time was 200 minutes, so the movie version (127 minutes in length) may have eliminated some of the more superfluous elements.

Three years ago, Pope Benedict praised the two-part mini-series on St. Augustine

Pope Benedict XVI praised a made-for-television movie dedicated to St. Augustine, saying the two-part miniseries “represents every aspect of the human life experience with all of its problems, sorrows and failures.”

Furthermore, the movie shows how “in the end truth is stronger than any obstacle,” he said Sept. 2 after viewing a shortened version of the more than three-hour-long film.

“This is the great hope that it ends up with: We cannot find truth by ourselves, but the truth, which is a person (Christ), finds us,” he said.


The Pope watched a shortened version of the mini-series, which may have been the basis for this new movie now showing in the US.

ooo I finished reading confessions of st augustine few weeks ago and I thought to myself it would make a good movie! hope this is done right might have to check this one out:thumbsup:

Here are the first three US showings of the movie

The official US premiere of this movie will take place in Arlington, TX at the Catholic Marketing Network (CMN) Trade Show on Aug 29th

However, on Aug. 22nd there will be a benefit for Catholic Charities at the Lon Chaney Theater in Colorado Springs, CO

And on Aug 28th, the Augustine Institute will show the film in Greenwood Village, Colo


Wow! There’s a Lon Chaney Theater?

Yikes. I wonder how much renting a screen at a small theater would cost?

It seems highly variable, depending on what is available in your area, the day of the week, whether you or they will handle ticket sales, etc.

A couple places I checked here in Iowa had a Sunday rental at $500-$1000

Seating would be for 300+ persons

The theatre it’s showing at here is a second run theatre owned by a Catholic:)

We have it in Washington, DC on August 29th (while I’m on the shores of Lake Erie with family). Maybe it will come around again.

Bringing St. Augustine to the Big Screen

An Interview with Ignatius Press’ Tony Ryan

We’re not a studio and don’t have the budget to do a regular theatrical release, so we have a license agreement that will allow organizations to sponsor screenings at their local theater. Theaters do this all the time. It’s not hard to do. It’s the first of a three-phase distribution plan we have for the film.

Phase 2, which will begin in November, will allow parishes to sponsor screenings in their parish halls. We did something similar with the film The 13th Day. Parish-based screenings will be the only way for people to obtain the DVD until it’s officially released to the public during Phase 3, next Easter.

What I love is how excited organizations are getting about this. There hasn’t been much in terms of films with Catholic themes. Groups see an opportunity to work with us to have a local event to evangelize the culture. Some are using the film as a fundraiser. This is a great tool to help promote the upcoming Year of Faith. In addition, Ignatius Press released an Ignatius Critical Edition version of St. Augustine’s Confessions. It features the best translation, by Benedictine Sister Maria Boulding, and was edited by a Jesuit Augustine expert at St. Louis University.


We have a city in Florida named Saint Augustine I’m surprised there isn’t having a showing there.:smiley:

This post is mainly for those who live in the Akron - Canton area of Ohio. For locations in other areas, see: restlessheartfilm.com/movie-events.php

You are invited to the Premier Showing of

“Restless Heart - The Confessions of Augustine”


The “Confessions of St. Augustine” is one of the most important literary and spiritual classics in Western civilization. Now, through the medium of modern cinematography, the full splendor and power of the life story of Saint Augustine of Hippo (354 AD – 430 AD) – one of the greatest saints of the early Christian Church - is brought to the big screen.

Filmed in Europe, at a cost of $20 million dollars, “Restless Heart” uses a historic background to tell the true story of Augustine – one of Christianity’s most beloved and well-known Saints. Its message is as timely today as it was only a few generations after Jesus walked on Earth. It is the story of one who pursues fame and fortune without a moral compass – and the changes that occur when events lead him to see the light. It also chronicles the collapse of the Roman Empire and how Augustine laid the intellectual foundations of what was to become Europe.

The movie will be shown at the historic Lincoln Theater, 156 Lincoln Way E., in Downtown Massillon, on Tuesday, October 16th. At 12:00 noon, and again at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $5, $4 for seniors and $3 for high school students.

The premier showing of this epic film is being sponsored by two local non-profit charities: Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc, and the Pregnancy Support Center of Stark County. Net proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the pro-life efforts of these two organizations. There will also be a 50 /50 drawing just prior to the film showing Come and enjoy an entertaining afternoon or evening, while learning more about this important part of Christian history. The film is rated PG-13, and can be previewed at:


The film has received many excellent endorsements!

“We hope that many who watch this inspiring human drama will allow themselves to be found by the Truth and in return also find Love.”
Pope Benedict XVI

“Many generations of Catholics have turned to the Confessions of Saint Augustine for encouragement and sustenance in living as disciples of the Lord. Restless Heart invites even more people to discover the power of this spiritual classic. This film brings the words of the Confessions to life by enabling us to more fully understand the relationships and the culture that shaped Augustine, and to better grasp his talents and ambitions, sins and struggles and, ultimately, his sanctity. Restless Heart draws us to appreciate the magnitude and the totality of Augustine’s conversion of mind and heart. It invites us to consider how the Lord, whose merciful love is active in every time and place, is drawing us to give our own minds and hearts more completely to Him.”** Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago**

More endorsements can be read at: maxondeadline.com/restlessheart/endorsements/


I see that the film will be shown in two places in Illinois this month, New Lenox and DeKalb. That is has been shown in other states in October.

Has anyone here seen the film yet to let us know if it was well received? The trailer looks like it’s good quality and the ticket prices are reasonable, I’m inclined to make a commute to see it but would like to know if others liked it.

I have already seen this miniseries, it aired on a Spanish language channel called Galavision and was dubbed in Spanish obviously lol. Although I am always overjoyed whenever there is a film that is produced on any Catholic saint I must say that I have mixed feelings towards the film.

The actor who played the older St. Augustine was great but the writing in the film left me cold to be honest. It could be that the dubbing of the film into Spanish was done poorly but I felt the writers of the film just didn’t catch the spirit or strength of St. Augustine’s words. That the movie uses flashbacks was more of a detriment than a bonus to the miniseries.

There is more that I could write but all in all I give the movie a fair but not great rating.

God bless

Thanks, TempleoftheSoul,
I have read that the dubbing of the film into English was very well done, so maybe it won’t be as distracting. The only think I know about St. Augustine is that he’s a doctor of the Church, led a promiscuous life, his mother Monica prayed persistently for him, and he converted.
I’m intrigued because the trailers look like the times haven’t changed much from his day to ours, our society has very much leaned to the ‘whatever feels good so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’ way of living that sucked Augustine in. I’m hoping the film will leave the viewer with strength and resolve to stay the Catholic course. Is it that kind of a film or is it more of an unfolding narrative?

I am praying that the English dubbing will be much better and do St. Augustine’s words more justice. The movie is still inspirational despite the bad Spanish dubbing…no doubt about that. The actor who played the older St. Augustine (Franco Nero) was perfect for the part.

I will still go to see the miniseries if it shows in my area in order to show my support for such films.

God bless

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