Restoration of Baby Jesus Statue Draws Criticism


Oh. My.

That is no solution at all. Just because someone says they studied sculpture doesn’t mean their knowledge or style is appropriate. If anything, the artist’s replacement should have been okayed by a committee before it was even placed upon the statue… (There is safety in numbers. :rolleyes:)


There is little in the Bible about Jesus’ childhood years.

All we have is this V contested photo (of that time).

The artist did a good job under the circumstances (given what he had to work with).


:eek: - “Who’s to SAY Jesus didn’t wear Liberty Spikes … that his mother didn’t like?”

It does look a little like Bart Simpson (“Don’t have a cow, man!”). But the body language of the statue with its new terra cotta head makes me think of …

*I’m comin’ – so sorry that I made you wait!

I’m comin’! Oh God, I hope I’m not late!

Look at me, Mammy! Don’t you know* me?

I’m your little baby!

– Al Jolson


I understand that this is temporary until the statue is repaired (professionally). I think it should probably be put out of view til it’s properly repaired .


I think the head was removed because the red clay was staining the statues. Maybe they could be covered with a tarp or painter’s cloth.


God of the Universe and all nations hear our prayers. Your children are under attack in many forms. The worse is in Syria and w ISIS in most countries. We need your help. Statues representing your Holy Family are being attacked. These are not idols to us but loving remembrance of your life.
Forgive us our sins. Help us have strength to do your will . Place a guilt upon the heart of the vandals to stop their actions.
Our military need your assistance in a hostile land. Angels of God, stand beside them in battle .w your fired swords. Help us free your Christians who are suffering under the Caliphate who plans to take over the world.
Crumble Iran’s nuclear site w an earthquake. They have gone too far w the nukes. They cannot be saved from the effect of nukes released in their area. Get the new American prisoners released. They probably have more hidden. We get three, they replace them 2 days later. Help us. Put in the white house who will save babies and not try to manipulate Catholics and Evangelicals.
in Christ’s love
Tweedlealice :confused::frowning:


reminds me of when the huge metal cross atop our highest mountain here was one night felled. They carried an angle grinder all the way to the top at dead of night,…

While eg Atheist Ireland deplored the act there was a loud outcry when they proposed to re-erect it.

Which they did immediately of course.


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