restoration radio

I was searching for a good traditionalist catholic podcast…stumbled upon restoration radio. I am pretty sure they are sspx or at least not in communion. Can someone confirm this? And…please…anybody have a any good ones they like?!?

That is a sedevacantist site run by Stephen Heiner.

You might try It is a streaming radio station - not run by the SSPX, but with many sermons, rosary, divine office, and other programs by traditional priests and laity.

I will try that. Any other ones you’d recommend?

Institute of Catholic Culture


Worth listening to if you want to have your image of JPII, Benedict XVI and Francis shattered. After listening to their episode on Pope Francis I can see that the bad attitude of the priest at the last parish I attended toward the rosary and the eucharist was fed by Francis’ comments to the media. The shows really brings it home to you what great jeopardy the Catholic Church is in thanks to this 1960s generation of priests. God help us.

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