Restored Church!!??


How do I explain to my 16 year old little sis that the Catholic Church is the ONE TRUE church. And that it is Not The restored church of God. For some reason she thinks that maybe some other denomination might have all the answers. Can anybody tell me about this church and what they are about.
You can read some of my previous posts, I am a revert and I studied my way back into our church, but for some reason I cant explain it to her, its like I have a mental block. :confused: She is studying apologetics as part of her high school.
And I know how to explain it to her in bits and pieces, I had her listen to John Martignoni “The One Church” too. But she says she just feels confused.


Have you tried asking her what specifically she thinks the Catholic Church is wrong about? If she says she’s confused then don’t try and pressure her, take each issue one at a time, and make sure she fully understood it before moving onto any other issue.

As for any church being the ‘restored church of God’ I’d like to know at which point Jesus became a liar when he said “The gates of Hell shall not persevere” against his church, therefor making it necessary to ‘restore’ the church.

If this church she’s interested in is the same one as this website ( ) then it’s not one of the worst protestant churches she could’ve found (Based on a brief overview of a rather large site mind you) but, it’s not the Catholic Church. Maybe someone with more knowledge of this particular church can help you out there. God Bless!


I am wondering if she is referring to LDS church. They believe they are the restored church of God. Since many school campuses have LDS Seminary in close proximitry for LDS students to attend before and after high school classes, she may be getting informaton in this way. If this is it, there is a lot of info on this subject to show and discuss with her. Good luck,

Love and peace
Mom of 5


Rawb that is the church that she talking about. I have looked it over but I didnt have time to read through all their enxtenvise articles.
She doesnt know exactly what she is confused about, but she just knows she is, does that make any sense.
I have asked her exactly what has the Roman Catholic Church done, or what doctrine are you having a hard time with, is there a dogma that bothers you, is the papal authority not clear? I hear her out but maybe it might be the name of this denomination that has troubled her. Why would they call themselves that.
To me I think that she doesnt understand too much the physcology of the mindset these people hold. Why they would think that they have to restore a church. If there is NO church to restore. They sound and look to me like any other denom that has had this issue inlcluding the LDS, JW’s, Muslim and the list goes on and on.
The gates of hell shall not prevail.:wink: the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church.


A couple of things I would ask your daughter:

  1. Exactly where in Scripture does it say the entire Church will go in apostacy? Not some people, but the entire Church. I’ll give you clue - it isn’t there. She might be able to give you a Bible verse, but if you read it - you will notice it does not say the entire Church goes into apostacy

  2. Exactly when did this apostacy happen? Also, have her give you historical documentation to prove this did happen. (She won’t be able to produce any.)

  3. Exactly where does Scripture say the Church will need to be restored? If it isn’t in there, then the “restored Church” is not not Biblical.

  4. Most restorationists will say that the Church went into apostacy after the last apostle died; however, no proof is ever given. So how does this “restored Church” determine its canon of the Bible? Since the canon of the Bible was determined by people whom the “restored Church” considers apostates, this “Church” has no valid claim to the current Bible canon. They would need sit down and sift through all the hundreds of various writings and determine what is Scripture. Without their taking several decades to centuries to make a determination, I would see a huge red-flag waving.

  5. After going over these questions, I would simply ask your daughter - why accept the cheap imitation of the Church which Christ established instead of the real Church which was established by Christ (the Catholic Church)?


It’s his sister, not his daughter. :rolleyes:



It’s his sister, not his daughter.

Then I would suggest he ask his sister the same questions. :cool:


I am a her (30) and she is my little sister (16) :wink:


You could also remind her which church it was that Christ clearly setup… you know the whole “on this rock” passage.

She may come back with the whole “lets go to the Greek” fundamentalist argument, but then you will respond with “better than that, lets go back to the original language… Aramaic in which Kephas(Peter) means Rock. You are Kephas, on this Kephas I will build my church… end of argument!”

Then you simply need to connect the dots from Peter to Rome and prove he was the first bishop of Rome, which of cause he was .


There trying to sell books at that site, and that seems to be thier main objective to sell thier books and make money. They get you interested in a topic then they say “to find out more order this book”.


Dear QuiteTimes,

You may need to accept that at this point, she may be drawn away into partial falsehood. Sometimes, a person may need to wander off and learn the hard way. I really see this in history: the message is gradually rejected because of the bad witness of the messenger . I think this is really how it goes with fallen nature. But I would not at all give up hope. Even if after your present love and prayers, she wanders away into partial error, keep in perseverance in prayer and sacrifices, for, ultimately, the truth is on the side of both of Our Mothers, the Lady Literal, and the Lady Ecceslia.

In time, if she truly opens herself up to the what is good, to what is beautiful, to what is true, to what is reasonable, she will come home to Rome. For the truths of Our Mother are like a lion (says Scott Hahn). They don’t need a defense. Simply let them out of the cage, and it will defend itself.

At least be happy that she desires to understand and follow God wherever he leads. The situation could be worse, in the sense that she was a hedonistic neopagan.

I will say one HM for your sister, and one HM for you.


I know she will, she isnt interested in leaving the faith but she just doesnt understand sometimes.


I have three teenage daughters (15, 17, 19), and have discovered that it is nearly impossible to reason with them intellectually, especially when it would require them to work or think. Oh, I can say things and get them to nod their heads, but I swear that too often it’s “in one ear and out the other.” They’ll go right back and say/do/ask the same things all over again next week.

Just keep loving her, explaining things, and giving her a good example. She’ll grow out of it in 3 to 5 years.



Isn’t that the truth…:o


There’s always a fallback position when reason doesn’t work with teenagers. It goes like this:

Sis, You know that I’m an educated person, right? (Yes)

That I don’t accept things on face value or “just because,” right? (Unh-huh)

That I’m Catholic by choice, after considerable study and investigation of Christian, non-Christian, and even non-religious lifestyles? (Oh?)

And that I undertook that study after living by my own rules for quite a while, and discovering the hard way that living that kind of life wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it seems? (Really?)

So, do you think I’m a fool? (Nooo, but…)

I mean it. Do you think that I am a fool? That choosing to be Catholic was a foolish move? (No)

Well, there’s something that you can rely on. When you have no other reason for believing in the Catholic church, you can rely on the fact that your well-educated older sis had very well-thought out reasons for being Catholic. (OK. But…)

But what? (But what’s true for you isn’t necessarily true for anyone else.)

That’s an answer you probably heard from people who want to live life by their own rules, instead of admitting that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Remember, I tried that myself for a while. Now I know that there is only one real truth after all, just like Jesus said. It exists right here, in the Catholic church. And you can hang your hat on that. (Oh. OK.)

[Good luck with your little sis. She’ll remember this one.]

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