Restricting kids' TV

I was thinking back to when I was a kid, and shows that my mom wouldn’t let me watch. Like “The Dukes of Hazzard”. She said it was stupid and wouldn’t let us watch it. I was the only kid in first grade that didn’t get to watch it. Now that I’m older have seen the reruns, I agree it is pretty stupid. But it was just one more way in which I was out of touch with the other kids at school. I was also the only kid in 2nd grade that didn’t get to watch “V”.

She also didn’t like us watching “Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot”. I don’t know why. I think she was ok with UltraMan though so we periodically got our giant monster fix.

Anyone else have experiences like this growing up? And now I wonder whether I’m making my kids into outcasts by saying no to “Dora the Explorer” because I find it annoying.

My parents were pretty much like that when I was a kid but once I hit 13, they pretty much snapped the chains off so long as it wasn’t costly. (Then again, given that, money was pretty much the reason I didn’t entirely fit in back in high school.)

I think age is not so much about whether something is wrong but more with how appropriate it is for that something to enter a person’s mind at a certain stage of their development. As for me, I’m actually pretty grateful that my parents restricted me according to ratings because it was indeed only when I reached certain ages did I begin to have a more mature understanding of what I was watching/playing/reading.

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