Results in latest Nefertiti tomb search could come next week


(CNN)King Tut’s tomb isn’t giving up its secrets that easily.

Egypt’s new antiquities minister said Friday that a third round of radar scans seeking hidden chambers in the famous chamber offered hints, but no obvious home runs, in the search for what could be Queen Nefertiti’s tomb.



To have defeated not only modern technology but 200 generations of tomb robbers was awesome engineering!



It’s a fascinating development, that’s for sure. What amazing people those ancient Egyptian builders were! It always makes me think that the human race has forgotten much of what it once knew, in some respects.



I love looking, living and studying history. The human accomplishments from so long ago just give me a real buzz.

A few years back, one of the Detroit news reporters was yapping about some antique show that was upcoming and they had a few pieces on the show that morning. One was a high chair that converted into a stroller.

Interesting? Yes, but the folks doing the show were commenting wildly about how “they could do something like that so long ago!!!” “Who knew anyone had that much talent?” “Can you believe it?” (It was made in 1898.)

Drove me crazy that they could think the high chair/stroller thing was SO amazingly “high tech!” I mean, really! How could they so simply disregard thousands of years of human bing-bang thinking this was such a big deal?

Rant over.

I will be watching the Nefertiti story with great anticipation and interest! Thanks for posting. : )


Well, there is a weebit of chronologism going on, to where some people think that almost nothing is possible without 240 volt power and a WiFi connection. It progresses; their grandchildren will admire how **anything **could be made without the 3D printer.



Actually Tut was a pretty minor Pharaoh who died in his teens and his grave got hidden by accident over the centuries via rocks falling as I recall. Good thing to mind you or else we would not have such a plethora of goods and artefacts. It is of course noticeable as has been pointed out that half the stuff in this tomb looked like reworked female funerary items and this is what led people in part towards looking for Nerfertiti again. There are several theories about her, one guy thinks she is actually a mummy that was already discovered as the DNA of that mummy matches Tut. However that presumes that Nefertitit was Tut’s biological mother and not everyone thinks she was. Certainly his associaiton with his dad meant the ancient Egyptians pretty much wanted to forget that period fo their history as quickly as possible which is why he has such a relatively unimpressive and small scale tomb.


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